Friday, October 22, 2010

GO Train etiquette: student version...part 1

yes yes, you all hate me because it seems i have abandoned my blog. please forgive. *bows* i've just been swamped with other things in WORK! WORK and MORE WORK!! don't worry though, i've been jotting down things i see on my daily great adventure on the GO Transit system; therefore, i shall have plenty of those to share with you.

i know i am a little late, but the students have started school (god! how old do i feel sayin that!) and i feel like its about time someone said something about the GO Train etiquette...but a student version. you guys are probably thinking, "you were there once too!" true, i was...but i was never...LOUD, inconsiderate, obnoxious and ignorant in public especially at fukin 8am in the morning!!!!!!!!

let's face it, there are a crapload of old people (myself included) on the train and at the crack of god's hour, i seriously do not want to hear about what samantha said to danny, that made him go and make melanie jealous. get me drift?? so let me start by telling you about my daily experience since september hit....(to save you from reading something the length of a philosophy of law textbook, i have put them in bullet points)

1) it's 7:36am, i am pulling into the parking lot at the station...mind you, there are 2 lots at my station and they're HUGE. this is the suburbs we are talking about. we got nothing more than space and room. why is it that i always struggle to find a remotely closer parking spot? one that i won't have to feel like i'm hiking to the north pole to reach the station from my car. is this too much to ask? there are absolutely NO close spots left because the people who are on the train now, has doubled or tripled.

2) this is not a particular problem for myself, but the lack of seats. anyone that gets on the train after about the 3rd stop into the ride, is guarantee to STAND. students love to put their bags in the seat next to them and save it for their friend, who gets on at a stop that is at the END OF THE FUKIN LINE!

3) the noise level on my train every morning is enough for me to take a knife and slit my wrists. its ALL coming from these 3 (sometimes more) high schoolers - why a high school student is on the GO train is beyond my imagination. do they not take the bus these days? if the school is so far from your home that you gotta train it...buddy, u need to change schools.

4) i shall repeat, OLD PEOPLE ENJOY COMPLETE SILENCE AT 8AM IN THE MORNING!!!! not even 5 mins into my ride, i get an instant headache. dude. i have a had a long ass, exhausted week...the last thing i need EVERY MORNING is to hear about who kissed who and who got shoved into who's locker. what hole do these kids crawl out of? and where are their parents? note: the noise level is heard WITH my ears plugged & tiesto playing at max volume.

5) these particular high schoolers that i am referring to, gets off at about the 4th stop into the ride. but for some reason, anytime they get ready to get off the train...the noise level and enthusiasm just increases!! yes i understand you are excited to go to school, trust are not nearly as excited as the rest of the passengers on the train, to see you get the fuk off the train.

6) as soon as these kids get off the train....i can almost see the entire train, jump up for joy and hug each if we had just passed & made it through an Armageddon. for a more vivid picture of what this may look like, refer to the movie Armageddon and the scene at the end where Bruce Willis saves the world in style.

....there, that is what i go through EVERY FUKIN DAY for 5 days straight. i feel like the older i get, the less patience and tolerance i have for shit like this. i mean its one thing to talk to your comrade that you are riding the train with...but to talk as if you are in a school cafeteria. not only that, but to be so ignorant as to NOT realize a) everyone on the train is giving dirty looks & shooting death stares your way and b) your voice is echoing through the train like a just unacceptable and rude. i'm not sure if anyone else shares these experiences, if you do...please leave me a comment and we can hug & console each other.

this is part 1, part 2 will be the a student's guide to what NOT TO DO on a GO train...especially one with me and other older & wiser people in it....

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  1. u are back!! dances around

    omg noisy kids huh! i was never noisy as a kid on the train,. i was too damm sleepy tired. wat are these kids being fed these days. not enough homework or something?