Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fav Lippies at the moment: YSL & Tom Ford

i've been on this endless, dreadful search for a lipstick that is just a one-step go kinda thing. most lipsticks (MAC, NYX, Chanel, etc) require a lot more maintenance...when i say maintenance, i mean you gotta pull out your mirror, apply, then put gloss on top...all at the same time, getting the weirdest looks from the people around you. *stares* don't get me wrong, i stare back...but it's a hassle. especially when you're a up and go type of person like me. please don't get this twisted with not putting in any effort....oh i put effort, i just don't want to have to take 10mins to apply my lipstick.

this search finally ended this weekend....and i didn't even have to spend a single $1!! i found this awesomeness right in my own drawers. i actually found 3 lippies that would do exactly what i was looking for...

1) YSL rouge pur lipstick
2) YSL rouge volupte lipstick
3) Tom Ford lipstick

YSL Rouge Pur Lipstick

#144 - silky apricot, #148 - tea rose, #135 - candy pink

these ones are a little more matte than the volupte lipstick, so you may have to top a gloss if you find it too drying. but they are super pigmented and require minimal effort to put on. you actually may not even need a mirror. note that some of the colors in the pic may have been LE, so i'm not sure if they are still available.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

#13 - peach passion, #7 - lingerie pink, #19 - frivolous pink, #2 - sensual silk

out of the 3 lipsticks that i've "rediscovered", these are the best ones. not only are they effortless, they are glossy, pigmented and extremely easy to apply without a mirror. you cannot go wrong!! i've been trying to cut down the crap i put in my makeup bag, which is what started this search for the ONE effortless lippie. and i feel now, this is all i need in my bag....why did i even put this down in the first place? i shall be hitting the counters this weekend for some more!

Tom Ford lipstick

pure pink, blush nude

tom ford has amazing products with spectacular quality....however, they put a big dent in your wallet also. these babies were around $52 CAD each, so i only use these on special occasions and not daily use. i also do not want to abuse the packaging so i keep them out of my makeup bag when i do carry it around. they are so gorgeous on and again, it is effortless to apply. the downside is the color range for these suck...there's only what? 10 colors? *sigh* but i guess it's a good thing...or else i'd be giving them my paycheque!!

Cirque du Soleil - Totem
this past Thanksgiving weekend, i took my parents to cirque du soleil to watch "totem" - they had a blast. i felt like i was 5 years old when my parents used to take me to see shows or concerts, except this time, it was the other way around. i love doing things with my parents...just the 3 of us. it helps me re-live the times when i was younger and we would have an amazing time...no worry, no drama, just the 3 of us. i know these moments won't last forever, so i try to do as much as i can to make them last just a little longer. anyways, here are a few pics from the day. no pics were to be taken inside the "big top" but we snapped a few outside. hope you guys all had an amazing thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

marciano "i heart cure" launch event

i am super late on this, but i wanted to share with you anyways. last week, i was invited to the Marciano "i heart cure" launch event - basically the catch is, you get triple the Guess/Marciano points when you make a purchase and all their proceeds go towards "Run for the Cure" for breast cancer. I thought that was a pretty good cause AND you get a gift bag with purchase. plus they always serve really delicious hors d'oeuvres & champagne at these events. i'm not going to lie, i wanted their gift bag the most. hehehe. i took my mom and made it a mother/daughter date...my dad tagged along also, but he went to harry rosen to look for shoes. hahaha. needless to say, these events are always packed like sardines....so i wasn't planning on staying long. even with the limited amount of time i spent there, i still managed to splurge and haul.....*covers face in shame*

The Goodies

as you all know, i have a sick obsession with scarves....so of course, i had to grab the only 2 scarves i didn't have yet. these were released as part of their fall 2011 collection, which i am thoroughly enjoying....so much animal print, it's awesome.

the leopard scarf - $58 CAD
this is awesome because it's casual enough to dress down but still dressy enough to be dressed up with a trendy outfit and a pair of nude pumps. the scarf is 100% viscose material with a fringe bottom...which is the con to this because this can get caught on your purse or chairs and it pulls the strings/threads out. yes it's already happened. but i still love love it!

the cheetah-print silk scarf - $68 CAD
wearing a 100% silk scarf makes me put an ultra bubble on top of my personal bubble...i might as well put a "do not come near" sign up. i hate walking close to people when i have silk pieces on because they get caught on people's bags and it drives me insane. this is more dressy than casual...i've tried to wear it with shirts/bottoms that are more of a casual nature, but i feel like it just doesn't work. any ideas?? i feel like because it's silk, i need to dress it up....to do it justice. haha.

breast cancer tee - $68 CAD
i had bought a similar logo tee from marciano's breast cancer event from 2010 and i figure i'll make it an annual thing and grab the tee this year also. i kinda like the pink striped look....would look uber nice with a scarf and blazer! hehehe. plus it's for charity and all proceeds go to a good cause...why not!

The Gift Bag...*dun dun dun*

so like i mentioned, with any purchase, you get triple the guess/marciano points which in turn, gives you cash credits you can spend at the store. not a bad deal to be honest. and then you also get this lovely gift bag...

here are the goodies you got inside the bag....

1. Marciano Fall 2011 Catalogue
2. $20 Marciano gift card *boooyah*
3. Marciano handbag hanger - quite useful!

4. Cargo Lash Activator mascara in brown

5. Cargo lipgloss quad in "Ibizia"

6. Marciano travel laundry bag for your "dirtys" and "cleans" - how brilliant and it's cute!!

7. Sample of North American Hemp Co. - "soak it up moisturising shampoo", "soak it up moisturising conditioner" and "area 369 serum"

i must say....that was a pretty awesome gift bag. most of the items were quite useful...the bag itself is meh. but when i travel, it can come in handy....esp when i need an extra bag to hold my stuff due to my shopping problem. hope you guys enjoyed this post....if you get an invite next year for a marciano event, make sure you attend!! xoxoxo