Friday, July 29, 2011

green & yellow, green & yellow...

hi, my name is bonita and i like to paint my toes a gazillion colors all at once. dont judge me. lol. so i've gotten into this whole thing with painting my toes 2 different colors. it all started when i was starring at my box of nail polishes and couldn't decide which color to do my i said, hey, why not do both colors. so that i did and ever since, i have gotten stares from randomers...especially in the elevators when i am wearing open-toed shoes. *shrugs* *bbm hand in face smiley*
disclaimer: excuse my bad camera skills. i wish i owned a DSLR & can take kick ass pics...but until then, bb cam pics will have to do!

green & yellow, green & yellow
i had time on my hands i decided to make use of my time. :)

mimosa, last friday nite & mint candy apple

paradoxal & teenage dream

see what i mean by i couldn't decide what color to use? and who am i to deprive any of these colors for a fair chance right?! HA! so here are the results....because im gangsta like that.

my toes...excuse its stubbiness

my 1 going to leave this & see who comments on it...

what do you guys think? is it too much?? not for u?? i'm not so sure i like this combo on my toes...i'm too lazy to change it now but maybe i'll do it tomorrow. as for my 1 nail, well....that's cuz i was bored. hahahaha.

makeup remover...featuring Lancome

Lancome EAU FRAƮCHE DOUCEUR Micellar Cleansing Water Face, Eyes, Lips

In my last post, i forgot to post about my makeup it is in all its glory. this is my first time purchase and it's allrightttttt. this is the non-oil based version and i opted for this cuz i figured it was summer and i can honestly do without the grease/oil. will i repurchase? maybe...i'm not sure yet because i feel like i can find something better. i mean it does its job, but for sum reason, i dont particularly luv it. do you use this also? what do you think?


Are you a lush bath bomb fanatic like me?? i got this idea from a random youtube video i came across. i used to store these bath bombs in containers and boxes but they're so pretty, and can make fantastic decor in your bathroom...not to mention, it smells fantastic. (given you don't store it in a container/jar with a lid) i think it looks quite neat. hehehe.

Winter-ish Perfume...Summer Use

I understand there are certain scents or perfumes you probably shouldn't wear in the summer. But I don't believe there should be a limit or rule about what you can or cannot use in the long as you don't smell like a bathroom, or a nasty old hair're okay! I started using the Guess Seductive perfume recently...guilty though, I mix a bit of the Ralph by Ralph Lauren in with it and I'm loving how I smell. I can't stop smelling myself. Hahaha! *sniff sniff* When I first bought this perfume, I wasn't too sure about it....then it started to grow on me. what perfumes/scents do you guys like? are you more conscious of which perfume you use in the summer/winter months?

and now before i sign-off....this was what i woke up to (from my nap!). she has a "dont bother or judge me look cuz i sleep funny" hahahaha. thanks for reading!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

skin peeling is the new thing....worddd.

Are you grossed out by the title of this post already?? haha. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! No, but there's a purpose to this post...well actually no that's not it either. *scratches head* Just read on....

skin peeling or is it peeling skin
Last night, I had some spare time in which I wasn't feeling lazy and was feeling quite I figure I'll put it to some good use and do some skin/face treatments. Here is what I did - in order:

I forgot to include my Lancome makeup remover...but I'll do a separate post on that

1. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. I washed my face with this after I took my makeup off. I lathered my face with the product and before rinsing it off...I used the Clarisonic Plus.

2. Clarisonic Plus. I bought this about a year ago and although, it requires commitment and daily dedication to include this into your daily facial routine, it really works and is an amazing product. I have noticed my pores have gotten smaller since using it and my skin has cleared up since. Before I rinse off my Kiehl's cleanser, I usually use this while the cleanser is lathered on my face. This helps to clean your skin and pores thoroughly.

3. St. Ives Facial Apricot Scrub. This stuff is and by far the best and most cost friendly exfoliater ever. The smell is not the greatest but its bearable...also, you don't have to use a whole ton and even if you do, this stuff will last. I've had mine for about a year? And I'm only really starting to make dents in it now. Mind you, you shouldn't have to use this stuff everyday. Note: please do not use any exfoliater with beads or particles in it, with your Clarisonic. It'll clog the Clarisonic...I thought I'd remind you guys, even though it seems common sense.

4. Mangosteen Peeling Gel. This is actually what I wanted to focus on, also what drove the title. LOL. This stuff is does exactly what its name says, it peels your skin. I know it sounds gross but imagine your face with layers and layers of built-up dead skin. This stuff gets rid of all that, to reveal clean & clear skin (see pics for reference below). I actually bought this 2 years ago in Hong Kong (at City Super, for those wondering) so I'm not sure where you can get it in Canada/US. But I believe the Korean brand "Laneige" has something to this effect. I believe it's part of their Strawberry Yogurt line...but the content is not clear, it's a bit of a creamy texture instead.

the gel comes out clear...

rub the gel over your skin/face until you start to feel bits & pieces of skin particles. once you feel you are done, wash face with a soft cloth towel & pat dry.

Laneige's Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel - I believe it's around $29CAD.

To ipad2 or not to ipad2?
I've been debating for a long, long time whether to get the ipad2 or the blackberry playbook. I'm all for BB when it comes to my cell and all that....but I also want to be able to access all the apps that the ipad has to offer. Considering I can't go nails won't allow it and my driving & texting habit does not support iphones, I figure ipad would be the ideal thing. I was still unsure until my girlfriend Lisa mentioned a good point...BEJEWELED ON FULL SCREEN!!! At that point, I was sold because all I could think of was not Bejeweled...but my Moonlight Mah Jong FULL SCREEN. My puzzles layout would be a whole 7"x9" screen. O-M-G!!!!!! I mean right now, I have to play my mah jong on either my itouch or my mom's iphone (see below) I figure, I'm going to need my own.

Final verdict?? IPAD2 IT IS!!!!. Plus I want to subscribe to all those magazine subscriptions for the ipad, face time with my girlies, skype, instagram!!, use it as a much-better-version of the kindle and of course, my apps. The thought of having BBM full screen was tempting, but then I thought, there are some conversations that I would never want full-screen what do you guys think?? what do you have?? ipad2 > bb playbook??

Sorry this entry was a bit random....but I figure it's better than not writing. Hope I kept you interested for a good 4 mins. LOL.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OOTD + randomness...

My morning started out pretty damn crappy. It started with the Weather Network not being able to predict ACCURATE weather, to having the bollywood channel sit next to me on the train...on FULL BLAST, to my train having NO AC and lastly, to walking through a wind tunnel on bay st. The weather network (I will continue to blame my crapass morning on the Weather Network) predicted a sunny morning...sunny my ass!! I walked outta my house and it was pouring. Normally, this wouldn't bother me so much...but today I:

1) washed & poofed my hair into the perfect beehive poof
2) wore a brand new pair of linen turquoise pants that I got at Marciano on sale

We all know how well rain goes with freshly washed hair and a brand new pair of LINEN pants....*insert sarcasm font here* (refer to photo of OOTD below) for some reason, I felt like I was wearing track pants and a t-shirt all day. hmmm....

top: F21 white plain v-neck t-shirt
pants: Marciano (I refuse to say "Guess by Marciano")

small haul *rolls eyes*
During lunch today, I met up with my friend Kat cuz she needed to go to Mango to find a pair of sunglasses. Guess where I wandered off to after she left? Shoppers and MAC. It's really hard working near a mall and the only thing separating you between MAC, Sephora or any beauty counter is a're going to be tempted to haul. Since I have no self-discipline when it comes to this....I hauled today.

Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray aka Heat Protectant Spray. I swear by this stuff and I love it. It doesn't grease up my hair or make it flat. I've used some heat protectants that are a tad greasy so I've stuck with this one.

MAC's brush cleaner. I was actually intending to try the Shu Uemura brush cleaner, but Shu Uemura isn't widely available here and I (of course) have a pro discount @ MAC, so why wouldn't I just grab the MAC one. PLUS, I can back to Mac when I'm done. Guess what I'll be doing tonight??

MAC's 168 blush brush. I was researching a few beauty blogger & YT guru's recommendations on what brush to use with the chanel bronze universel aka soleil tan de Chanel and a lot of them rec'ed this brush. I use this as my blush brush and I love it...but I never thought of using it with my bronze universel, so I thought I'd get another one and try it. I've tried using MAC's 109 brush but the hairs kept getting stuck to the bronzer and it drove me insane. I'll let you guys know how it works out. Do you own Chanel's bronze universel? What brush do you use?

to buy or not to buy...
When I was browsing the various displays @ MAC, I came across a lipstick that I do not have in my collection and started wondering why. It's "impassioned" (see photo swatch) and I was so close to grabbing it but I remembered that it resembled my Chanel Rouge Allure lipstick in Genial #187. This color was the talk of the town last summer. As I starred at the swatch of "impassioned", I thought I'd pass (for now) and swatch my Genial before I purchased. Genial is more of a orangey-pink and not as pink & vibrant as impassioned...but is it worth the purchase? maybe I should back-to-mac it? what do you guys think? *see swatch below*

left is Chanel's Genial and the right is MAC's Impassioned


After an unbelievably pathetic craving for starburst that went on for was becoming so pathetic that I talked and complained about it with EVERYONE I knew. I finally got my hands on a bag. If you follow me on twitter, you know that the candy store near my work didn't have them (how a CANDY STORE can not carry STARBURSTS is beyond me!!) and the convenience store downstairs at my work building didn't have them (it is a GATEWAY convenience store and I have since dubbed it as GAYWAY) much that they are now considered an INconvenience store to me. the GAYWAY INCONVENIENCE STORE. I swear, I could eat the whole bag...but I stopped myself because then I'd run out and the quest to find Starburst will start all over again.

....I keep forgetting to remind YOU that (if you're not already) YOU need to FOLLOW me on twitter msbonita


dre day + sum haulin shot callin...

Weekends are never long enough….even if it is a long weekend, it is NEVER long enough. Anyone else agree? It’s weird because if I don’t do anything on a Friday night, I feel as though my weekend is just THAT much shorter. This weekend however, was not one that was relaxing and lazy at all….however, I did get some beauty haulin done. Not too much, just 2 items….but that’s enough to keep me happy for a short while.
disclaimer: another picture heavy post

haulin…shot callin….
Even though my weekend was a bit busy, I still had time to grab 2 lippies that I’ve been eyeing for a while. The first one is the chanel coco rouge shine in #56 “chance.” This is a very lovely, summer pink (see swatch photo) – I was on the fence for a long time with the coco rouge shines because of how pricey it was ($39!!!) and I was afraid they’d be too sheer. I eventually gave in and said let’s just grab one and see. Now I love it…not only is it moisturizing but it’s as if you don’t have to wear lipgloss, which is awesome because I hate gunking on lip stuff in the summer. I’ll definetly check out the other shades, like “boy” and “evasion.” My mom also bought one, in #55 “romance” and that’s more of a deeper shade of a toss of fuschia and pink. I literally stood at the counter for 20 mins trying to decide if I should go “boy,” “chance” or “evasion.” (swatch below)

left to right: can’t remember the name of the shade, chance, evasion, boy

The second lippie I got was more of a nude and I only became really interested after I saw Raeview’s review on the Dior Fall 2011 products… is the lipstick in #314 “Angelique Beige.” It’s a really pretty nude, but I am a little disappointed with how it looks on my lips without a concealer underneath to conceal my own lip pigmentation. However, it is very moisturizing and goes on like a charm. It smells decent too but I’m not excited about it. Packaging is always awesome with Dior products. The shade also reminds me of Revlon’s “soft nude” which is soooo balls because this cost double or triple what the Revlon one costs. *angry face* also, I was contemplating getting the nail polish in “blue tie“, but I hardly ever paint my nails as they’re eternally stuck living in bio-gel & French manicures, so I think I’ll skip, but the color is gorgeous. The level of blue-ness reminds me of royalty for some reason?

”chance” and “angelique beige”

so i dont remember where i saw this pic, but the combination of the shoes + dress just made me oogle at this pic for so long. for sum reason, i keep thinking american apparel is where this ad came from. anyone know?? i'm on a hunt for the dress (or something similar)

dre day 2011 @ cheval
Saturday night was one of my boy Andre’s bday celebration….this man turns 35 and is still handsome as ever. He’s single ladies!! *wink wink* The bday, as per usual, was at Cheval. I obviously had to include my wing-woman, Mel. She’s such a champ to come with me on such excursions. (see photos below) While I was standing there with my numerous amaretto sours, Mel and I came to the realization that we may be getting too old to club. Everything annoyed us….from the youngin’s in the club, to the obnoxious drunk dance moves and the awfully air conditioned space. My hair was screaming for a hair tie….that’s how bad it was. Nonetheless, I got to see some of my absolute fav people and that was more than enough to make my night. And as per usual, after the club….Mel suggested we go for Pho. Who could resist considering that may have been the highlight of our night, aside from the seein my fav ppl part. *ps please excuse the greasiness of my face in the pics….i couldn’t sync the constant sweating & powdering of my face* enjoy the pics!!

my malaka & the kinezoula....if ur greek, u know wat this means

the bday boy & his kinezoulas

Friday, July 22, 2011

hottest day of the!!

disclaimer: picture heavy!

today was pretty much the hottest day of the year. 38degrees but feelin like what? 48 degrees?? and i didn't complain one bit....i loved it. we wait all year for a day like this, especially with our stupid unbearably cold winters. enjoy it while it lasts was so hot, i had to put my hair up & i still did it with my pretty girl swagggg (see pic for reference).

before i continue, i'd like to give a shoutout to my girl alyssa. she took my advice and got 2 beauty products and ended up loving both of them. hey! at least i know im doin somethin right!! she got the l'oreal million lashes mascara and the revlon petal peach lipgloss. how wonderful...i'll be doing her makeup when she gets married. wooot alyssa!!

as you can probably tell from my pics or if you've seen me in know how much i love my poof. *fluffs poof* however, there are days when my hair is jus limp and lifeless...*sigh* so what do i do? i turn to the "what a tease backcombe in a bottle" by big sexy hair (see photo for reference). basically you spray a little of this into the roots and tease a little, you'll get a massive poof. where would i be without this!?!?! especially on days when my hair is being retarded.

i know some of u were interested in me doing outfit of the i figure i'll do one. this was from tuesday.

top: forever21 (years ago!)
pants: marciano (they're linen & oh-so-comfortable)
watch: dior

also before i finish off this post, i'm going to post a few pics of last weekend. i went to 2 bridal/wedding showers and then went to what we call "night market" - it's basically "taste of asia" in a parking lot. there's oysters, bbq beef and squid on skewers, stinky tofu, pineapple slushy in a pineapple, know, the works. haha. enjoy!

shower 1 - vincy & lawrence

night market - markham

shower 2 - vicki li (my gf from high school!)

cupcakes made by Catherine Chen @ Sugar Baking

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shopping on a monday nite...thats jus how i roll.

That's right...i shopped on a monday night. i blame this on my lovely mother. the story is, my mother got an email from one of her fav stores, Olsen, that they're having a sale until Monday night. Since my weekend was horrifically busy, we decided to go today.

I went into an all of 3 stores - F21, bebe and aritzia. unfortunately, i didn't get anything at F21. i don't think i had enough time to look. keep in mind, we were on like a 3hr limit before the mall closed. however, i managed to snag a few things from bebe and aritzia.

at bebe, i grabbed a top and a pair of shorts. i originally wanted another white pair of shorts but they couldn't get the security tag off it so i ended up with just a black pair.

these shorts were $34 - i thought they had an extra 30% off but they didn't. BUT i got them anyway cuz they were comfy. they're a teeny bit high waisted but that's okay, they'll hide my muffin top well.

this top was $29. i've been dying to find more off the shoulder tops and i don't think this was one...but i figure if i get it a size bigger, i can pull it off as off the shoulder. that i did. i luv the gorgeous sequin/beading on the front. the material is very light and makes a great flowy/airy top for the hot summer nights.

i knew aritzia was having crazy sales - geez, i already went to their private pre-sale. but i got an email the other day that there were further could i resist!! i think i did very well at aritzia...

2 pairs of shorts - the blue/white striped one is my fav. its so classy. these shorts fit very well and the material is super comfy. i have another pair in a navy, different cutting but the same material and i love them. they can be worn casual or dressy. i can't wait to bring these out this weekend!

this long sleeve button-down tunic sweater is a great piece for having around when the weather gets a little cooler but not cold enough for a jacket. it pairs well with shorts or jeans. its a staple piece and it was only $27!!! i dont know what's gotten into me with stripes lately...but i love it. its so easy to dress up or dress down.

this oversized sweater is an awesome item for the fall....paired with a cute tank top inside, it's perfect with a cute pair of white shorts. the bottom of the sweater has the elastic band, so it gives a little balloon effect on your waist - which is awesome cuz it hides my muffin top. this was $25.

this is a staple button-down gray cardigan for work. it's actually something i don't have. weird right? i thought for a whole $24.99, you can't go wrong. especially the looks like its got wool mixed into it, but it doesnt cuz its not the itchy kind of material. i can't wait to sport this with my white linen pants & a cute tank underneath...when the weather gets cooler. that's my entire clothing haul for a monday night. i think i did pretty good in terms of finding bargains. i didn't realize how cheap the clothes were at the bebe outlets. i'm def goin there more often now. i actually enjoyed shopping on a monday night. no screaming kids, retarded youngin's and most of all, no crowds, no line-ups ANYWHERE!!! hope you enjoyed the haul!