Wednesday, August 31, 2011

happily ever after...1314

disclaimer: i know u guys are probably wondering isn't it 143 not 1314. well in chinese there's a saying "for life" when referring to couples and the pronunciation sounds like the pronunciation of the numbers 1314. that is why we use 1314.

I must say….I love weddings! Even though you’re stressed and broke every time one of those enveloped invites are delivered to you…..I still have this undying love for them. It’s so amazing when you find one person that you will grow old with, share your happiest & saddest moments with….for the rest of your life. For parents, it’s even more phenomenonal….because after the 20-30 some odd years that you have spent preparing your child for the world, they have finally grown their own wings, to start their own family and essentially, to continue in your footsteps of carrying out family values, life morals and love unconditionally.

This past Saturday my high school girlfriend, Vicki wed her love of 2 years, Sunny. I can still remember the day she told me she was engaged, as if it was yesterday. I offered to help her wedding plan so it would take some stress off of her and assured she’d have me around to lean on when things got real hectic. Now a year later, the day has finally arrived. Watching her walk down the aisle, citing her vows to her numerous wardrobe changes…I am ecstatic for her to begin this new chapter in her life with someone she truly loves. Also, I get the perks to go see her at her place now and have her cook for me….she’s got a WHOLE kitchen to herself now!! LOL

That aside….I know you guys are all dying to see what I wore to the wedding. So let me break it down for you…..shall we proceed?

Wardrobe Selections
The wedding ceremony was held at the same hall as the reception, so I initially wasn’t going to do a wardrobe change. However, the dress that I selected for the reception, is a little too much for the day time. Hence, I settled with a simple yet elegant, black dress for the ceremony. I didn’t do an actual LOTD photo but here’s a pic with the bride, to show you what I wore. Hahaha. Yes, that was a fail on my part....

Dress: Marciano (very old)

Here are the shoes that I wore with the black dress. Again, these shoes were SUPPOSE to be for my night time dress, but I got another pair of shoes that I wanted to wear for the reception….go figure right? And the new ones actually “popped” better than these….but these are still my babies too. hahaha.

Shoes: Bakers (I believe they were on sale too when I got them….score!)

Now for the reception was the kicker – I wanted a dress that was elegant but sexy & classy. After a relentless search, I did not see anything I liked. Not ONE! How terrible was that? Considering the wedding was in August and I started looking in June – nothing caught my eye. The dresses I saw were all depressing or too much sequin that would make me look like a crystal ball on new years eve. Then the lightbulb went on inside my head – I’ll wear my birthday dress, since I’ve only worn it once and figure I can get my money’s worth. The dress was a beautiful light gray/purple, with a (as the website states) ultra daring hemline on a romantic, beautifully draped silk one-shoulder design dress, with a cascading sleeve and satin lining. The sleeve part was way too long on me, so i cinched it up with a brooch & pinned it up by my shoulders. Does that do anything for a mental picture image in your head? If not, here is a pic of the dress….

Dress: Marciano – Tori One Shoulder Dress

I loved the dress but the shoes were what made the dress….not to sound like a conceited beeotch but I know that everyone was starring at my shoes at the reception and I was OBVIOUSLY flaunting them off. Dang….i better get my money’s worth with these babies!! The color of the shoes is called “boysenberry” – it is a beautiful bright pink/magenta color on satin material and to finish it off, it has a beautiful ruffled strap that sits right where your ankles are. The most amazing thing about it – the ruffled strap can be converted to the front, so it sits right on top of the back of your foot….that way they’ll look like “mary janes” with a massive heel. What do you guys think? Is this not pure love? And guess where I got them? ….bebe!! I walked in on Friday at lunch, looking for something else but walked out with these babies….i can tell you, I’ve never been happier to find an awesome pair of shoes.

Shoes: Bebe – Naomi Ruffled Convertible Platform Pump

Eye Candy for your Pleasure
To finish off this post….I will post pics from the wedding and of me & my girl mel. She made the best date anyone could ever ask for. For those of you who have a gazillion and one weddings to go to for the remainder of this year or next year….take my advice, bring a girlfriend. Sometimes, they make better dates than guys….hahaha…as you may be able to tell via my pics. Enjoy!

hair transformation....that's rite.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquake + chocolate...fantastic.

Today’s post will not be a beauty (well much of it) or fashion post….that’s a refreshing thought isn’t it. it will be a post about one of my favorite things to do or well consume….FOOD. =) I already see the big smiles on your faces. Don’t laugh so hard at your screen cuz then ppl may stare and think you’re weird. Weirdo. Hahaha. Let’s get down to business and cut the small talk shall we….

….off topic: who felt the earthquake today?? I was sitting at my desk and trying to concentrate….then I felt this shake, I swear to God I thought it was me being dizzy because of my fatass-ness. I was hoping I could report it and go home early….due to my dizziness. But no such luck. Is everyone in DC / NYC ok??? If not….well, find a desk and hide under it until they say it’s okay to come out. I resume…..

For those of you who know me in person or those who just know me thru social networks….it’s pretty damn obvious that I love to eat. I am addicted to food. Haha. The healthy way, mind you…I don’t binge and purge. I feel like that’s wasting the great steaks or lobster I just had….no can do. In my previous posts, I talked about my ridiculously pathetic craving for starbursts and the adventures I went through to satisfy this craving. I sometimes think I crave like a pregnant lady….if not worse. For instance, if I want sour cream & bacon chips by Ruffles at like 3am….i will drive to a 24hr grocery store or a 24hr shoppers, and get my chips. That’s pretty sad right….oh it doesn’t end there. I’ve gotten friends to leave wherever they are early, to meet me at the fast-food place or restaurant to satisfy whatever I was craving at that moment. Most people find this mini-obsession of mine quite entertaining….my family on the other hand, think it’s disgusting. My dad always says, one day you’re going to eat so much that we’ll be homeless….and you’ll still be eating. *thumbs up* hey….can’t do nothing about my hopes & dreams on an empty stomach right???

I digress….

Recently, my cousin went to visit his girlfriend in the UK. She was there studying for her Masters in Economics and since he was going to visit, what better time to ask for souvenirs. Especially edible ones. *yummy in my tummy* i think food brings people together and i luv how it's like the COMMON interest between my friends and i. hahaha...its sucha fatass thing to say, but oh well. anyways, my cousin brought me back this:

this is called the Peepster Box by a brand called Hotel Chocolate. i'm guessing it's something like a sample box?? my cousin said he tried it and it was good. it comes in 4 different flavors...

mississippi mud pie
described to be: mellow milk chocolate with dark drizzles, dashes of white chocolate and dark cookie pieces.

eton mess
described to be: a timeless summer favourite with strawberry and vanilla chocolate, cookies, meringue and strawberry pieces.

described to be: inspired by the dreamy italian dessert, milk and mocha chocolate, cookie pieces and enrobed with coffee beans.

lemon cheesecake
described to be: zesty lemon white chocolate, shots of mellow milk and biscuity cocoa cookies.

so far, i've only tried the tiramisu...and i can tell you the texture of the chocolate is like velvet. i can't wait to try the others. it is absolute heaven!! so if you or you know of anyone going to the UK, make sure u grab one of these. i think he said he got it at harrods. i'm not sure though.

Makes you go huh??
just before i show you my LOTD...i wanted to vent a little. WHY do clothing companies always insist on putting those useless stringy things on their tops? u know, the ones where you're suppose to hook onto your hanger so your top hangs properly. well they're useless anyways because a) the stringy things never stay on the hanger, so it defeats its sole purpose and b) its always either too long or too short, so i won't even reach my hanger hook properly to actually hang my top nicely. so what is the purpose of these things again????? they make me go scissor happy....

LOTD + new hair
well it's not really new hair...i just got it done on the weekend. my roots were attacking my head so i figure it might be a good idea to get it done before the wedding on saturday.

...and then is the LOTD.

(sorry for the crappy quality + lighting)

what i used:
eyes: (all MAC eyeshadows) "style snob" all over the lid, "soft brown" in crease to blend out color, "glamour check" in outer corner blended toward the crease
face: estee lauder daywear tinted moisturizer, laura mercier loose setting powder, bonne belle glimmer bronze bronzer in gold'n glitz, MAC "harmony" blush to contour, coralista blush, diorskin shimmer powder in 002 diamant ambre for highlight.
lips: nothing...they were bare & i was too lazy to put on anything before i finished my

....that's pretty much it. today's a slow day and i'm slow as usual. i think i'll just go sit back & watch my family channel shows.

Marciano + Victoria's Secret = Girly Weekend

I must say….these lazy, doing nothing productive weekends are becoming addictive. I am beginning to operate and sound like an 80 year old who can’t get up off their ass to do anything but eat, shit, sleep, repeat. But hey, I don’t care because that’s the best kind of life….at the moment. lol….wow that was disgusting. ANYWAYS, soooo how was everyone’s weekend?? anybody else do anything more exciting than me? Don’t all raise your hands at once!

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…..I shopped….again. are you guys getting sick of my haul posts yet? Or are you enjoying it and then running out to get the stuff I’ve talked about? Because if you are, you are a WINNER!! #Winning status! Hahaha. Anyways, so this past weekend Marciano was having a members only 20% off anything regular price. I actually haven’t gone into these sales in a while, because my girlfriend Nadia who works @ Marciano, moved from the stores to the office and so I kinda just stopped going….she was my awesome hook-up. She’s the only honest sales that would tell me if something looked bad or if I should just wait it out and see if it went on sale. But yeah….this weekend was bad. Here we go….

disclaimer: if you do not like haul posts, feel free to click the “X” button on the top right hand corner

M is for Marciano….
So 4 tops, a scarf and a pair of pants later….i walked out of yorkdale with a million dollar smile.

dretz easy logo tee
I got this in black because I figured it hides my muffin top better and overtime, white tops can look old and depressing. I want to wear this as an off-shoulder top also. Nadia (my girl @ Marciano) doesn’t like it off-shoulder, she thinks it’s not as flattering. Regular price this was $62. I know the pricings are a bit hefty, but the quality of the fabrics they use for their stuff is pretty damn awesome. The website describes this as a “comfy jersey” material consisting of 94% rayon and 6% spandex. You have to be careful when you wash it cuz if not, there’s going to be those lint-ball looking things growing out of your shirt after a few wears.

sea surf top
This retailed for $98…quite steep I know, but with the 20% off and how good it looked on, I had to say yes. Even my mom liked this the best out of all the tops I got. It’s 100% cotton and it falls quite loosely around the sleeves area, especially that hole around the shoulders part. It looked really tight fitting at the store but when I tried it on, I was really surprised how much room it gives. It’s really stretchy too – so that means I can use this as one of my fat tops, when I get into my emotional eating phases.

the Mallory Halter top
When i first saw this top in the store window, i knew i wanted it so badly. i luv tops like these because it makes me look skinnier...well around my arms anyway. i loved the bow detail of the top also. there was another pattern in this top, but the teal on this one just made my day! lol. this retailed for $128 and it is 96% spandex and 4% silk. i admit, the price was a bit steep also, but i think i'll be wearing this to a this saves me the headache of looking for a dress. and when you put this on, you can actually feel the stretch...which makes it even more comfortable.

the Crochet Top
i actually liked this in the coral...but my mom didn't. but when she saw the blue, she luved it. this fits and falls really nicely - especially because it hides my muffin top. LOL. the back is quite low, so if you weren't going to wear a tank underneath...make sure u can't see the bra strap from the back. this retailed for $88 and it is 100% rayon. i actually wore this to work today and got tons of its soo comfortable! i paired this with skinnies and nude pumps today.

the Sabina Scarf
i believe this pattern is the "Sabina" - this is actually the other pattern that the mallory halter top comes in. its a really nice pattern for a scarf but i'm not sure about wearing it as a top. it needs a bit more color. this scarf retailed for $58 and it is 100% polyamide. you just gotta be careful when you wear it to make sure it doesn't get snagged.

Fever Skinny Lace-Up Pant
i contemplated for about 20 mins either to get this in the "rolling stone" which is like a green/khaki...or a "deep plum" which is more of a dark purple grey. i decided to get the "deep plum" because darker colors makes your thighs slimmer. hahaha. i need that. these fit really well and the material is stretchy, which is awesome. these retailed for a steep $148 but it was well worth it because the fit is just incredible...and it makes your bum look amazing, despite the large stretch factor. the lace-up detail on the side of the pant leg is an awesome looks great dressed up with pumps or dressed down with wedges or flats. these are 98% cotton and 2% spandex. i'll be wearing these to work & to go get my money's worth!

Freebie @ Victoria's Secret
on friday, as i was walking down bay st on my way to work, i was stopped by a promo girl dressed head to toe in pink...she stuck a "flyer" in my way. i grabbed it and didn't read it until i got to was this:

basically, buy a bra and u get one of their lotions or body spray (full-size) for free! so i bought a bra...what girl couldn't use another VS bra rite?? LOL and i also grabbed a nightie.

i love the colors on this and it was $39.50 for 2!! i got one for me and another for my mom. the material is so soft, u will literally fall asleep just touching it. definitely worth the $39.50 for 2.

as for my free body spray/lotion....i went with the body spray because i have sooo many lotions at home. i chose this:

Moonlit Jasmine
it says on the bottle that this is a mix of jasmine and vanilla woods. i usually don't like body sprays because they usually smell like alcohol to me or i can smell the alcohol in it. but this was surprisingly light and no alcohol smell. this is perfect for a summer day (well whatever is left of it) when you don't want to spray perfume or want the heaviness of a perfume. highly recommend!!

...phew. that was a long post. but i wanted to share everything with you guys. let me know what you think. i need some style ideas!! but for now, off to bed i go.