Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i'm back....with a little vent!!

Yes, yes I have been MIA....I apologize *bows head* but work has taken its toll on me the past month. Anytime I'm on the train, I jus knock out....when I awake to the customer service ambassador yelling "good morning!! we are arriving at union station" in my ear, I always try to figure out if I'm really dreaming and did I really sleep the whole ride thru.

Anyways, so I hope u guys are all well and didn't miss me too much. Hahaha. I know u did!! Since I have such an honest & open relationship w/u guys....I figure this will be the best place for me to vent.

For the past 2 days of this wk, (this excludes the days from the past 3 all in all, its more than 2 days) this repulsive pony-tailed being continuously sits next to me. The ENTIRE train is empty and there are a gazillion seats that he can choose from....why u gota be all up in my space?!? And the thing is....when this poor excuse for a man decides to sit next to me....he likes to sprawl his arms and legs out. This behaviour only results in 1 thing......the arm rest battle!!! And I usually move away because I dunt want his skin to touch mine in anyway.....

Why am I frustrated?!? Why don't I jus get up and move!?! Well I am frustrated because he takes all my leg/arm room....and he is jus a repulsive person to even sit near. He throws his shit in the seat in front of him if its dude!! This is NOT ur living room!!! And then he tries to cross his legs, which is impossible cuz he's not a small he's all up in, not jus my space, but 2 other ppl's space. Its the GO train....u aint suppose to treat it like ur watching a movie at home, with ur arms and legs sprawled like a dog. -_-

I can't get up and move because by the time he sits next to me....the train is already pretty damn full & I like "my" seat!!!! I refuse to get up....but if I see dude in line @ the station...I usually sit sumwhere else. So I do my part to avoid this creature.....and there was 1 time when I actually got up and sat sumwhere else after he sat down. If man ever asked me if I had a problem, I'd have noooo problems tellin him straight up.

I don't understand what goes on in these ppl's minds when they exert such behaviour?? Ever heard of personal space?? Like I almost wanna tap them on the shoulder and say...."Are u lonely? Is that why u wanna constantly be around sumone within a 10cm radius???" And yes, I periodically have mental images of me running after pony-tailed creature w/my slippers and slapping him for sittin down next to me yet again!!!

I know sum of u may disagree w/wat I've jus said....that's ur opinion but I had to vent a little. And I hope the repulsive creature reads this....that way he'll probably clue in. Its jus my luck...why can I not have a hot, channing tatum lookalike sittin next to me!?!? Ohhh wait, I got a kanye bootleg lookin dude sit near me yesterday morning!! But minus the big mouth, the so-called talent and alllll the money!! Ahahahaha. Okay I'm @ to work I go!! ♥


  1. ahahahhahahhahah B! because he is a CAVE MAN! he needs little G to shake the shitttttt out of him!!! this is major shake my head, tomm, babe, please kick him in the shin! lol! loveeee u! glad u are back! i love ur blog, so entertaining!

  2. whee u are finally posting AGAIN!

    ugh ponytail man! i didnt know he was tat bad! u didnt tell me all this on whatsapp
    next time bring some like pepper spray and spray it in his directly if he is EVEN NEAR YOU!!!!

    post more sweetcakes!

  3. lol...WOW, you're a joker!
    in all my times taking the GO Train I've had 1 incident with some goof not wanting to give up the empty seat beside him, and of course, I yelled at him, people thought we were going to fight, trying to tell me to calm down & ting. But of course, I won that battle!

  4. So some of us on the train were wondering -- are you a tranny? You look sortve manly and the heavy makeup leads us to believe it even more. If you're not then cool, just something some of us on the morning train to Union have been discussing.

  5. Truth is it sounds like you have a crush on this guy. Dont be too full of yourselve just yet as you are not all that! Shape like a man with the hair style of a Drag Queen - Get with it trying to be blonde what a joke - Reality is you freak people out on the GO with your shitty attitude - Not Sexy. . .and Dam try to have some courtesy when been given the go ahead to proceed off the train - Not Sexy!