Tuesday, July 20, 2010

GO's very own finger-eater!

alllrightt.....before u all get ur minds caught in the gutter and panties in a twist, no this post is not wat it may sound like. If anything, its actually pretty disgusting but because its so disgusting, I figure u guys can share my misery and shiver-ness *evil laugh*. I'm sure you're probably asking urself, what would possess her to write about sumthin that grosses her out? Ummm because I'm hoping this person(s) read this and then realize, so they could stop torturing me in the morning....and sometimes at night after work!!

So why do u think people bite their nails?? Out of habit...nervousness...security/insecurity. This is a habit I find so not acceptable whether its public or private. The last thing I need is to shake hands with sumone who is a habitual nail biter. I can jus see the germs and bacteria crawling outta their skin. *shudders* those in health care will understand. Now where am I going with this? Let me begin.....

There's a few ppl on my train that are habitual nail biters, but there is 1 that sticks out in my mind because I see him EVERYDAY!! *joy oh joy* and he jus takes the cake out of all the nail biters out there. It would be a sin not to blog about him. Sooooo in the spotlight he goes! *shines spotlight on man* Understand that my train ride is 45mins, he gets on/off @ my station so I can't jus see him for 20mins or whatever. He's there from start to finish. During this long and at times agonizing, slit ur wrist, train ride.....the man has his finger in his mouth. I mean, at times he'll take his finger out cuz he has to use his teeth to bite down the skin into smaller pieces....easier to digest I guess. U grossed out yet?

Today for example, as soon as he sits down....he takes out his newspaper, unfolds and begin reading, all in the while with his finger in his mouth. Then he moves to his blackberry.....and I coulda sworn he's watching sum sorta video/movie on it, cuz his eyes do not move from the screen of his bb....again with his finger attached to his mouth. I feel like tapping him on the shoulder and saying, *tap tap* excuse me, does ur finger taste like chicken? Cuz the way ur eating at it, I'm sure it does!! At the rate of how he bites his finger, (note: notice how I say finger and not nails? That's because I think he's exhausted everything on his nails, so he has to move on over to the actual finger) he should have nothing left to chew on. But I guess new skin grows out? Gawd!!

Then when he gets off the train, he touches the pole, rails, seats etc., and would put his finger back in his mouth. Excuse me while I throw up!! *gag* Not only does this man chew his finger, he does this tapping thing....he taps his finger to his teeth, to get rid of the smaller scraps of skin. I swear he's mistaken his finger for the piece of kung pao chiken he had the nite before.

Wat do u think is going on in his head while he eats away at his finger? "Oh, teriyaki from last nite's japanese escapade!" or is it "wow. My finger's got real thick skin.....lemme give it an on-spot manicure?" I don't understand what would possess human beings to exert such behaviour and in PUBLIC?? I swear he's oblivious to ppl actually watching him....btw, he jus picked up the newspaper and is reading it...yep, finger back in mouth. I wonder how he is at work? "Excuse me simon, can I ask u sumthing?" "Oh yeah hold on, there's jus 1 piece of skin left...this one's being stubborn. It aint comin out. Let me get back to u in about 10mins"

I'm not sure what they used to teach, or if they still, but I've always been taught to not put ur finger in ur mouth. This man is a parent's ultimate no-no....actually, no it shouldn't be limited to parents, it should be every goddamn person on this fukin train! It gets to the point sometimes, that I wanna go over and grab his finger outta his mouth and ask "are u nervous? Or are u jus hungry??"

your thoughts and comments are welcome. till next post....toodles


  1. Unfortunately a few of us on the GO train have experienced and know exactly who you’re referring to..perhaps we should offer ketchup/ condiments to go with the skin…

  2. I bite my nails in public and in private, constantly. It's a waste of my ability to exert self control when it isn't causing me problems. Instead of removing the habit of nail biting, I picked up habitual hand washing.

    I'm sure you've put on make-up on transit before, or in public. With the loud clacks of the compacts, far louder than the sound of a tooth breaking a nail, the powders potentially falling all over a seat only to lay in wait to leave subtle brown marks on the white pants of the person who sits there next. The hand motions are also extremely distracting while I'm trying to focus on my own task, especially the forearm flicking for mascara.

    If nobody is doing anything to purposefully attract your attention, it's your fault for paying attention and not allowing them privacy. No matter which way you slice it, that is the only logical way to approach this fairly. In all other cases someone is making a decision for someone else, based on their own feelings, about what that person should do or feel. It's not my business if you're putting on make-up and it's not your business if I'm biting my nails.

    If you're putting on make-up the space over my seat, flicking me with your products; of course you're out of line. Just the same as the nail biters who spit their nails onto the floor. That's when it becomes your business.

    You can argue that it's disgusting to you if you want, but there are ways to offset the health risk to the point that I'm no different that someone who doesn't wash their hands before touching every last morsel of food they manually put in their face. It may do me well to stop biting my nails, but that's my choice.

  3. EDIT: If you're putting on make-up within the space over my seat...

  4. lmao!!!! I hateeeee finger nails biting, too! major pet peeve!!! gags* gives a wholeeeee new meaning to kfc's "chicken fingers tenders" lmao

  5. LMFAO!!!!!!
    I know exactly who this guy is(well I've seen him on the train plenty times aswell). But I'm glad I haven't seen him in a long time. Thank God for this beautiful weather, and I get to ride my motorcycle to & from work, but unfortunatley will be seeing him soon on the GO again, unless the writer of this article decides to chase his ass away!!!! LOL!!!