Wednesday, April 20, 2011

back with a BOOM BOOM POW....

*waves* alright guys...i know its been a LONG LONG while since i've posted. weird. i get into writing phases, anyone else? At first i wanted to make my blog solely about my daily enlightening commute on the *shudders* GO train. but i think i'll just turn this into a...whatever i want to say, brain fart, kinda blog.

i figure some of you may want to get to know me a little. i read my girl dianne's blog (fashionista315) and i decided, i'll do a run-down list of things i find interesting and share-worthy about me. lol. here goes...

1) yes my real name is bonita. stop accusing me of lying about my name. the reactions i get when i tell ppl my name are either "did you marry chinese?" or "do you know what bonita means?"
2) bonita means "beautiful" or "pretty" in spanish and portugese - and yes tribe called quest has a song called "bonita applebaum" *sings* bonita applebaum, u got it goin on...bonita applebaum. k i'll stop.
3) im 26 turning 27 and i already feel the pressures of approaching 30. the endless questions of "when are you getting married" sound like nails on a chalkboard
4) i am a blackberry whore. RIM should really consider hiring me as a spokesperson. if you know me at all, i am ALWAYS on my bb. my boss tried to change this and has given in and accepted the fact that, it just won't happen.
5) it's easier to get a hold of me through twitter, bbm, whatsapp or text rather than calling...yes i sit there and screen calls. do not take it personal.
6) i am addicted to A&E, slice network & the family network. that's all i need.
7) i am one of the few asians that can rock blonde and rock it well....jus sayin.
8) can you tell i'm an only child? yes i have the only child syndrome. i don't share...i actually don't know how to share. lol.
9) i am not nice...i am real. i will tell you how it is...if u dont like it, tough.
10) i dont know what to do when someone passes their baby for me to hold. this is going to be a problem when my bestie delivers my god baby.
11) the older i get, the more attached to my bed i become. on weekends, i sometimes enjoy the time with my bed more than time with my friends. weirdo.
12) moxies bellinis are my drink of choice on any given night...then there's my amaretto sours.
13) i have a picture of my dad & i @ my convocation on my desk @ work. the technology guys thought it was my boyfriend (see below for photo reference). really now?

14) i like to sleep with the tv on. makes me feel like im not totally alone. weirdo.
15) i am an extreme secret fob. you would never guess, but i speak really fluent cantonese & it usually trips ppl out. lol.
16) i have hazel eyes. not typical for a chiney girl i guess?
17) i do not own flats (except flip flops) - all my shoes are 3inches+ and i blame this on me being vertically challenged (a woopin 5'1. booyah!)
18) i dont really like to travel...the trip planning frustrates me, the packing and unpacking stresses me. i like the actual trip & sightseeing part. just not all the crap that follows.
19) i mix cologne with my perfume...cuz then u get the best of both worlds, smelling like a giant sexy boy cupcake.
20) i wear hello kitty shirts & hoodies because they are mother often says im 26 turning 6.
21) if u haven't noticed, i'm a makeup junkie (a term coined by my girl melissa)...i can't say i'm a MUA but i do my makeup how i like. i also hoard makeup.
22) my chandelier is the best part of my room (see photo reference...u likes?)

23) i hate when ppl use my name in their alias... ie chica bonita or chiquita bonita. STOP ABUSING MY NAME!!
24) my bestie & i sit on the phone at work to listen to each other breathe. our conversations are pointless & no one else understands. weirdo. (photo reference below)

25) last useless fact about me, i tweet and drive....smoke and fly. LOL really, last fact, if you are someone i care about, i will go to the moon and back for u. no matter what time and when. that's just the kind of person i am.

so that's a wrap....until next time.


  1. Haha! yes Alot of the things on the list about you im beginning to know you alot better! U are really real! u r nice too what u on about! :D XX

  2. "giant sexy boy cupcake" I like that haha.

  3. my girl is BACK! well i kinda already knew a lot of those points cos i love my girl BONITA!! i miss u big time