Thursday, September 29, 2011

Guu-ing + happy bday lisa + my new nails...

it's been a busy busy BUSY week...i actually kind of hate it when i get so busy, i don't have any energy left to do anything else. do you ever feel that way? quite useless in fact, huh? its been getting chilly lately and i think i forgot how to dress winter. but at the same time, i am excited about rockin my thigh highs. *sigh* what can i goes longer nights & shorter days.

anyways, a few fridays ago was my girlfriend Lisa's bday dinner...we went to Guu. Guu-Izakaya is a japanese restaurant in the heart of toronto, where the atmosphere is LOUD, food is pretty awesome and the line-up is ridiculous. however, since Lisa is such a VIP...we didn't have to wait. i've gotta say...i had a really awesome time and i can't remember the last time i had so much fun at a bday dinner. not to mention, the company i was with were AWESOME-O!! thanks and kisses to sum of my fav ppl...mel, shaun, jen & lisa. before i forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LISA!!!!

disclaimer: some photos were taken from lisa's fb...hahaha


The food was decent at's not the typical japanese stuff you find at all-you-can-eat or the regular japanese places. the four of us ordered many dishes so we can try a lot more and the food is very creative. the place is worth a try but i'm not sure if i'd say it's my fav place to eat...mainly because of the noise. when you walk in, all you hear is the staff screaming every 2 mins. it's very enthusiastic, not gonna lie, but dangggggg i need my eardrums!!! here are a few pics from the night...

all the HOT ASIAN girls...

jen, me, mel

mel & shaun - yes she finished that whole crapload of sapporo

a pumpkin dish with the egg in the middle

squid/octopus in some spicy sauce

lightly cooked raw tuna

the birthday cake & macaroons

....lastly, i got my nails done and this time, i did something different. i'm usually all over the french white tips, but this time....i was a bit more daring. what do you guys think??

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