Sunday, September 4, 2011

japanese food + chanel = winning

its labor day long weekend...which only means 2 things: 1) summer is officially coming to an end, which starts my seasonal depression disorder (haha!) and 2) my daily commute will be crammed with students who love to talk about their so-called sexual escapades at 7am in the morning....really now? i figure i should enjoy this last long weekend before summer ends and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!! i was asked to attend a few parties and such, but i realized a few months ago that i am done partying. it's just not my thing anymore. there is no gratification in standing in a dark place, with watered down alcoholic beverages that costs a small loan, with nastiness bumpin & grindin near me...just to end my night with ruined shoes & hurting, blistered feet. noooooo thank you. having said that, i ended my nights with either an early drink at a nice restaurant or a nice mango slush with tapioca bubble tea. THAT my friends, is the most enjoyable experience especially when you are surrounded by people you love.

the other night, i went to a new japanese resto with my mom. please note, my mother & i love to eat out...try different places and such. some's just easier to eat out. anyways, so we found this new place...courtesy of my cousin Chris...called "inatei". when you first walk in, the decor was meh...i wasn't thoroughly impressed, especially after my cousin telling me their food can get pricey. i'm thinking, with this decor, they better not be charging me a small fortune...unless they have a dishwashing option. lol. but boy, was i wrong....this place was DEEEEELICIOUS and it's worth every penny. they're actually not too's mediocre and especially for the quality of the food, it's so worth a try. my mom & i ordered a 15pcs sashimi "boat" set, a grilled mackerel for appetizer, pork cutlet udon and unadon (eel with rice). i again...failed to take pics of all the food but i did wat i could!!

15pcs sashimi set - the shrimp was SO DAMN GOOD. it was soo sweet!!

grilled mackerel appetizer

i wasn't going to put this up just yet...but i thought i am just as excited as you guys are about CHANEL, so i fig why not! i FINALLY saw the chanel fall 2011 stuff at the chanel counter. my girlfriend jen made the mistake of taking me to a cosmetics store that had chanel and everything i hauled. *hangs head* i didn't grab any of the lippies or the quad, or even the nail polish because i always go get my nails done so it's not worth it for me to spend the $ on a nail polish i'll only use once in a while. hehe. that was my justification. so i got the illusion d'ombre - long wear luminous eyeshadow - i believe there were 6 colors in total, but i only got 4. the other 2 colors were too sheer or too "common" and was easily dupable with mac's paint pots or cream shadows. here are the ones that i got....and i can't wait to use them!

it comes with an awesome brush....

because it comes apart and you can make it into a longer brush - like a awesome!!





all of these eyeshadows (when i swatched them and played with them at the store) they were really soft and easily blendable....i was actually surprised, even with the black one. i thought it would be real sticky and dry - kinda like MAC's paintpots, but they weren't. i'm excited to use them and will def share when i use them. wooot!

Fall Style 2011
this fall, there is one thing i am looking forward to and that's wearing my over-the-knee boots with american apparel tights (the thicker material tights). i was rockin the look last winter and i plan to do it again this winter...booyah. here is the photo for inspiration:

her boots were loubs of course - but hey! my steve maddens work also!!! ....for now. haha. i love how kim k paired the look with a cropped looks so professional yet classy and sexy. *drooolage*

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  1. Oh goodness glad I am not the only one loving Chanel for fall. My post is coming! Jealous you got more shadow than I but my husband and wallet are thrilled that you are keeping the economy going.