Friday, September 9, 2011

MAC Me Over - My Thoughts....

Okay okay okay….I’ve finally gotten around to doing a post on MAC’s latest “MAC ME OVER” collection. I’ve actually been out of the loop with MAC”s collections because they have not been doing anything for me…..not even a tickle. I feel like they’re coming out with a new collection every week and if any of us were to follow the collections…we’d be on a never-ending yellow brick road to our debts. (just sayin!) But seriously….this is becoming a little bit overwhelming, however I still fell for this collection. Damn those marketing people @ MAC! I was good though….I only grabbed 4 items. I got:

- Heirloom Shadestick
- Street Cool Shadestick
- Curvaceous lipglass
- Illicit lipglass

left to right: street cool, heirloom, curvaceous & illicit

That is all and I swear I’m sticking to it. I’m not even sure why I grabbed the shadesticks but I am a collector at heart….or shall I say hoarder at heart…so I feel like I need these shadesticks because I have so many of them and it’s just WRONG that I don’t also have another 2 in my collection. Yes I do sound like those hoarders on A&E….Lord help me. Anyway….nothing else in the collection caught my eye in person. When I was browsing online – I had a few things in mind that I was excited to see and swatch, especially the lipsticks. Except I was utterly disappointed with the lipsticks….here is why:

So this collection had 2 sets of lipsticks – neutrals/light and dark. I was excited about the darker colors because a) I don’t have many of them; b) I’ve been getting into this color fad lately and I have no idea why…..and c) I have way too many neutral or nude lipsticks and I really don’t need anymore MAC nude lipsticks in any textures because I can guarantee you, I’ve got them all. As I walked towards the display, I almost squealed in excitement…only to be let down because the colors were all soooooooo dupable. The reds, the dark purples, the pinks – they’re all dupable…maybe not to the T but enough for me to say “let me save my $ for something else.” Having said that, I just had to walk away with 2 lipglosses – illicit and curvaceous – I have to admit, the sole reason I got these is because of how opaque they are. One layer of this gloss is more than enough to turn your lip into a nudey beige or nudey mauve pink. The consistency actually kinda reminds me of “Glamour for All” lipgloss from the “All Ages, All Race, All Sexes” collection.

We all are well aware that the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils knock these shadesticks out of the park….both in quality and price. However, I do love owning them – I can’t understand why either. They’re also not the best products to use – they crease if you don’t use them properly and they’re a bitch to put on, whether it’s straight from the tube or from a brush. So really, I don’t know why I got them – I got them just for the sake of saying “I got these shadesticks.” Sad I know – I haven’t played with them yet but I will and of course, I’ll let u guys know when I do.

Everything else…
Is not a must-have….I am telling you if you dig deep enough into your collection, you may actually find colors that are very VERY similar to this collection. I know my friend Sarah asked about the “stunner” blush – again….it’s nothing that jumped out at me. I find that the thing with MAC nowadays is that they’re just putting out product for the sake of putting our product….nothing is a “WOW” anymore and what is with this sudden price hike?? The shadesticks were like $21?!?!!!!!!!! All in all, this is something worth checking out but not necessarily buying….I’d wait for the Chanel fall stuff if I were you….hehe. Just sayin!

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