Friday, July 16, 2010

first and foremost...

I'd like to that's cheesy. so lemme just say, now that you have stumbled across my are def in for a nice little joy ride. WAHAHAHA!!

this is the first post of the infamous "on the go with bee"!! *dun dun duuunn* so I guess I should start off with a brief intro of myself, because god knows I'll get all kinds of questions and even if ur not guna ask, I know those ?s are runnin thru ur head. *picks @ ur brain*

*ahem* *mic check 1 2 1 2* my name is bonita (yes it is a spanish/portugese name and NO i am not either of these ethnicities) and yes that is my real name. im a proud sagittarius...born dec 12. (mark that down bitches!). I am not naturally blonde, but I do have my blonde tendencies and these all vary in severity depending on the weather and wat day of the week it is. I graduated maybe....*thinks* *scratches head*....*thinks some more* ohh yes, almost 4 years ago. And if ur all turning a whoopin 26 this year. *hangs head*

I am 100% chinese by blood....but not ur typical chiney girl @ pacific mall. Yes, I shits & giggles @ chiney people....ohhh shuttup!! We all do it!! Count how many times u've said "fukin chinese ppl can't drive!!!" this week.....yesss and I don't blame u. May I also add, I am the ONLY chiney person who can't do math to save my life. My parents & family think I'm a disgrace to our race...they often ask me, where are the results of my many kumon lessons. As a result, i am none of the following: an engineer, an accountant, a real estate agent or a banker. Hahaha. However, I do work @ a bank....I am NOT nor do i classify myself as a banker. Don't ask me about ur mortgage, PLCs, loans, etc. Also, I am not an I dunno why u have a hold on ur account.

If u haven't noticed from the last little blurb....I have no shame. But that's what makes this blog of mine so much more interesting. I say and do things most people do not.....hmmmm....yes that includes breaking out my 2-step in the middle of a parking lot while listening to my ipod. I think that's wat makes me, me. I am not hoping to change ur world with this blog nor do i want your unconstructive criticism (is unconstructive a word?!)....but I'm sure we can all use a little giggle every morning....yes even when ur sittin on the toilet with ur laptop on ur lap. Don't front....I know y'all do that!! also, if there's any english majors reading this right will hate me because any sort of proper grammar is non-existent on my blog. i type how i want and how i feel....if i spelt something wrong, but u can still understand what i mean....then i've gotten my point across. no need to tell me "neighborhood" is spelt wrong...u get my drift.

the idea of this blog came about simply by me updating my various online social networks. i.e. facebook and twitter. yes, some may see this as useless or senseless...especially people who don't understand twitter. but listen, i am on a 45min GO train ride from markham to union station, every fukin day. i need something to occupy my mind before i go i began to notice certain things or behaviors that people have when they're confined to a box (or wat the general public would like to refer as, the "cab" of the train) for 45 mins, or i would notice people in general. some may call it people watching, i call it bird offense to anyone who's a bird lover. *ducks away from the shoe you are about to throw at me* ANYWAY....i began to update my fb and twitter with things that i observed and it actually had fantastic and positive feedback. basically, i made people shit their pants laughing. yes, some of these updates came with visuals....i'm surprised i havent gotten arrested for sneaking a pic of the hideously clothed woman on my train.

the main purpose of this is really just to cure my boredom and make you shits and if you at any point, giggled while reading my posts....i have done my due diligence. anyway, I think this is a long enuff intro.....I'm sure I have left stuff out, so (I had to add this last bit to be politically correct and fair to all those who don't read the whole post!!!) if u wanna know anything about me....jus ask.

....genuinely, bee
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  1. I loveeeeee u, b! were so much alike in how we talk and think! avid reader right hurrrrr!