Monday, July 19, 2010

"my" seat

Another Monday has dawned upon us *yawn*....morning morning. U often hear people say "gawd, its so early!!" But if u think about it, all of us have probably been doing this repetitive routine for the last...oh I dunno, 10-20yrs, so really why complain? Its not like uve been getting up @ noon everyday and then all of a sudden, *surprise* u gotta get up @ the crack of God's hour. (Note: this is not always applicable, especially if u are a student). But I think us complaining about it gives us something to say jus for the hell of saying it. Shit, I do the same and I am never quite sure why I say it cuz its an obvious fact anyway! I guess its classified as a brain fart moment. Its early, so brain-farts are allowed....

note: this is the scenery i am exposed to, daily...minus the man

As I stand here, waiting for my train to get here already cuz my feet hurt and the dude behind me is fully tryna peer over my shoulder to see why I'm typing frantically on my blackberry, I notice that I get really irritated if I'm not one of the first 3 people standing in line. Even if I'm the 4th person, it automatically bugs the crap outta me. Ur probably sittin there, scratching ur head thinking "this girl's got OCD! Or sum sorta disorder." No I do not. I spent the whole first year psychology self-diagnosing. I know I'm normal.....well at least a fraction of the time. Alrite, before y'all get all weird on me.....hold ur horses and lemme explain.

When I board a train, I know exactly where I'm going to sit...and I sit in that same seat everyday (well almost). Upstairs, 2nd "pod" window seat with the window to my left, going in the opposite direction of the where the train's going (if u ever spot me, u may wave at me....but I dunt guarantee this will harbor the same response/reaction from me. But u can definetly give it a try. Persistence is key!). The one day that sumone is sitting in "my" evil look automatically creeps up my face and then I'm suddenly cursing them in my head. Or sum days (actually today is one of them), there's sumone sittin across from "my" seat and then I gota go sit sumwhere else. *annoyed eye-rolling look* why u ask? refer to the points in my previous post about sittin next to sumone when the rest of the train is empty. Okay side tracked...let's get back on it....

The reason why I make it a point to arrive early @ my station in the morning, jus so I could be one of the first 3 ppl in line is because, I want "my" damn seat! If I was the 10th person in line, I can almost guarantee I won't get "my" seat...and then for the rest of the entire trip and the first part of my morning, I act as if sumone peeed in my cornflakes.

There are a few reasons why I like "my" seat - they are as follows:

1) Its closer to the stairs, so when I get off, I won't have to walk so far (yes, I am of the lazy breed) to actually get off the train.

2) The distance between the seats across from u and the other person (in this particular "pod") is smaller so anybody that's a bit bigger can't sit there and be comfortable. Not to be rude, but the last thing I need is sumone who is 3 times the size of me to be all up in my space, especially when their arms and legs are long...because then I usually imagine them doing the noodle dance with their arms and legs. I'm not saying there's anything wrong w/being bigger/taller....but it makes a difference if ur sittin next to me and your arms/legs are falling on top of me. I don't want our elbows and knees to touch me...because then i feel like we're playing footsie!

3) When I get to a certain point on my ride, I like to nap a bit. In order to make the best and most comfort out of my dinky seat, I lean my head against the window and the window frame. It provides great support for the time being, but not every seat has a comfy window frame for me to lean on. And then I'll end up smacking my head against the window the whole ride through.

4) "my" seat is great for ppl watching - I am the first to see who gets on and off the train on the 2nd floor. Yep, I'm nosey like that.

So this morning, not only do I not get "my" seat, but I gota sit in front of this dude who's sleeping with his mouth wide open. Do u think I can throw a breath mint in his mouth from my seat, get it in on the first try, AND get him to clap like a seal? Hmmmm. *looks for breath mint in purse* So now, not only am I annoyed to the bones, I have this oddly thought of throwing a breath mint into someone's wide open mouth while they're sleeping. If I am miserable right now, you shall share my misery! hahahaha. I kid I kid.

Now the real question is, does anybody else share this experience? Or is it just me? I mean we all have our routine and there are certain aspects of it that we like or dislike...but shit like this REALLY pisses me off. It just doesn't start my morning right. Not to mention, there was a group of chinese people on my train today and they just would NOT STOP their OUTDOOR voices nonetheless. I could hear them through my earphones...yes, my ears were bleeding, just in case you were wondering. If anybody else shares this same reaction/experience/feeling...please let me know, that way I can assure myself that I am normal to say the least. anyone? *crickets chirping* hello?

until next post kids...toodles


  1. i don't take the train to work but i used to take the train to school [hell a long time ago] and i also had "my seat" it was like a corner seat and since i got up at an ungodly time [5am] to go to school..i hated it when there was someone seated there. also i don't get why sometimes in a whole empty train...someone has got to come sit right NEXT to me. hahahahah

    u probably haven't got this on ur trains but on our regular subway trains here in japan we got like poles in the middle for ppl to hold on to [to prevent from falling down] but some assholes would LEAN on it despite there being like 10 ppl trying to hang onto it behind his grimy back. hate that hahahaha

    also in tokyo we have women only no males allowed in it. its to prevent like preverts trying to make use of the busy cramped hours to cop a feel or something. it kinda works but then the women are like all hell break loose. they don't really care since they figured its women only so they are all up in each others face and pushing and everything. no image whatsoever hahahahah

    i warned u about my long ass comments. hahahah

  2. that water mark looks like a penis. LOL.