Wednesday, July 13, 2011

swollen eyelid & more....classy!

I had written an entry for yesterday but before I could even click save, my Microsoft word decides to go kaput on me and I didn’t have time to re-write everything, so I thought I would start fresh. Can’t complain though, I was using a Windows product so I guess I’ll be blogging from my macbook from now on.

Monday night while I was napping on my couch – I got bitten by a mosquito….ON THE EYELID!!!! It is now swollen and itchy – I look like I got punched in the face (see photo for reference). I have now dubbed my eyelid “droopy” because that is exactly what it looks like. I have 2 wedding/bridal showers this weekend so any remedies to get rid of the swelling, is massively welcome. *pulls hair out* … enough ranting, lets get on with the juicy stuff.

it's so gross.....ugh.

A few weeks ago, I purchased the Chloe perfume – I’ve always looked at it anytime I stop by perfume counters but I never got the courage up to just grab it because the scent is actually quite strong. It’s a very strong flowery, rosey scent and not everyone will enjoy it at the first sniff.

But I would like to say that, ever since I’ve started wearing it, I can’t stop smelling myself!! Not to mention, every morning when I reach for the bottle, I get that giggly feeling cuz it’s such a nice bottle! I actually bought the parfum and not the eau de toilette because the parfum usually lasts longer since its more concentrated, but it is pricier (in this case it was $60 for a 30ml bottle vs. the eau de toilette was $80 for a 75ml bottle I believe) – I justified the purchase because I figured I won’t have to use as much with the parfum and since the scent is already quite strong, I can do with a smaller spray and it’ll last me all day. I’d recommend anyone who is interested, to just try a spray or 2 on them and let it sit for a bit before deciding whether you like it or not….because like me, you just might be surprised!

Onto skincare – as you may all know (well majority of those who follow me on twitter & youtube) I swear by Kiehl’s skincare. Everything I use, with the exception of my pore minimizing cream and eye cream, my drawers are jammed packed with Kiehl’s. I recently consciously found another reason why I love their products – the fact that all their lotions are sealed (photo reference below). I always have an appreciation for companies who go that extra mile to ensure their products are sealed for hygienic reasons – this also prevents people from just grabbing any bottle and using it for “tester” purposes at the store….even when they have the testers set out. The last thing I need is for some randomer to stick their nose into my moisturizer.

Oh also…..before I forget. Christine (aka barbiecdl on youtube & twitter – here’s her blog!! click! ) visited toronto a few weeks ago, and I got to FINALLY meet her. Sweetest girl EVER….anyway, she was shopping @ victoria’s secret and there was some promotion, if you buy something, you can add $5 and get a VS tshirt…she got one for herself and one for me. (see photo reference below) it’s a very very comfy tshirt – the material is light and it’s not going to be anything I’ll be wearing out. But it makes for a nice house bum around shirt. THANKS CHRISTINE!!!!!!!

christine & her 2pound she finished it!!

the awesome VS shirt...wooooot.

what is your fav line of skincare? Do you get excited when the company goes that extra mile to “protect” their products?

Hope you guys had a good day!!!



  1. I don't have any tips for your eye, fucking mosquito! I hope it gets better!

    I'm so glad you told me about Kiehl's, I absolutely love their products! My skin hasn't been this clear, recommend something for an acne scar I have on my chin please!

  2. omg bee! I don't have any remedies but the last time my eye got swollen, I just kept a warm rag/compress on it any chance I got and wore glasses. I hope it goes down soon!

    You and Saha both talk about Kiehl's... I may have to give it a try next

  3. OMG I got a bite on my eye before and it was SO not cute. To treat it I wore my glasses, took benadryl and did cold compresses to help with the itch & swelling. Hope it goes away soon! If anything, you can put a patch on and be a sexy pirate haha.

    btw, Chloe is my favoriteeeeeee perfume. It seems really strong at first but dries down to a very subtle sexy/feminine scent.

  4. hey babe! Aww im so sorry about your eye lid! omg.. :( *punch Mosiquitoe in the face.. buz buzzz and down it go* Tiger balm usually works on mosquitoe bites but since its on the eye your gonna have sore eyes!! hahaha.... i thinkfor now just let it rest and maybe put ice on it or something :(