Tuesday, July 26, 2011

dre day + sum haulin shot callin...

Weekends are never long enough….even if it is a long weekend, it is NEVER long enough. Anyone else agree? It’s weird because if I don’t do anything on a Friday night, I feel as though my weekend is just THAT much shorter. This weekend however, was not one that was relaxing and lazy at all….however, I did get some beauty haulin done. Not too much, just 2 items….but that’s enough to keep me happy for a short while.
disclaimer: another picture heavy post

haulin…shot callin….
Even though my weekend was a bit busy, I still had time to grab 2 lippies that I’ve been eyeing for a while. The first one is the chanel coco rouge shine in #56 “chance.” This is a very lovely, summer pink (see swatch photo) – I was on the fence for a long time with the coco rouge shines because of how pricey it was ($39!!!) and I was afraid they’d be too sheer. I eventually gave in and said let’s just grab one and see. Now I love it…not only is it moisturizing but it’s as if you don’t have to wear lipgloss, which is awesome because I hate gunking on lip stuff in the summer. I’ll definetly check out the other shades, like “boy” and “evasion.” My mom also bought one, in #55 “romance” and that’s more of a deeper shade of a toss of fuschia and pink. I literally stood at the counter for 20 mins trying to decide if I should go “boy,” “chance” or “evasion.” (swatch below)

left to right: can’t remember the name of the shade, chance, evasion, boy

The second lippie I got was more of a nude and I only became really interested after I saw Raeview’s review on the Dior Fall 2011 products…..it is the lipstick in #314 “Angelique Beige.” It’s a really pretty nude, but I am a little disappointed with how it looks on my lips without a concealer underneath to conceal my own lip pigmentation. However, it is very moisturizing and goes on like a charm. It smells decent too but I’m not excited about it. Packaging is always awesome with Dior products. The shade also reminds me of Revlon’s “soft nude” which is soooo balls because this cost double or triple what the Revlon one costs. *angry face* also, I was contemplating getting the nail polish in “blue tie“, but I hardly ever paint my nails as they’re eternally stuck living in bio-gel & French manicures, so I think I’ll skip, but the color is gorgeous. The level of blue-ness reminds me of royalty for some reason?

”chance” and “angelique beige”

so i dont remember where i saw this pic, but the combination of the shoes + dress just made me oogle at this pic for so long. for sum reason, i keep thinking american apparel is where this ad came from. anyone know?? i'm on a hunt for the dress (or something similar)

dre day 2011 @ cheval
Saturday night was one of my boy Andre’s bday celebration….this man turns 35 and is still handsome as ever. He’s single ladies!! *wink wink* The bday, as per usual, was at Cheval. I obviously had to include my wing-woman, Mel. She’s such a champ to come with me on such excursions. (see photos below) While I was standing there with my numerous amaretto sours, Mel and I came to the realization that we may be getting too old to club. Everything annoyed us….from the youngin’s in the club, to the obnoxious drunk dance moves and the awfully air conditioned space. My hair was screaming for a hair tie….that’s how bad it was. Nonetheless, I got to see some of my absolute fav people and that was more than enough to make my night. And as per usual, after the club….Mel suggested we go for Pho. Who could resist considering that may have been the highlight of our night, aside from the seein my fav ppl part. *ps please excuse the greasiness of my face in the pics….i couldn’t sync the constant sweating & powdering of my face* enjoy the pics!!

my malaka & the kinezoula....if ur greek, u know wat this means

the bday boy & his kinezoulas

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