Wednesday, July 20, 2011

shopping on a monday nite...thats jus how i roll.

That's right...i shopped on a monday night. i blame this on my lovely mother. the story is, my mother got an email from one of her fav stores, Olsen, that they're having a sale until Monday night. Since my weekend was horrifically busy, we decided to go today.

I went into an all of 3 stores - F21, bebe and aritzia. unfortunately, i didn't get anything at F21. i don't think i had enough time to look. keep in mind, we were on like a 3hr limit before the mall closed. however, i managed to snag a few things from bebe and aritzia.

at bebe, i grabbed a top and a pair of shorts. i originally wanted another white pair of shorts but they couldn't get the security tag off it so i ended up with just a black pair.

these shorts were $34 - i thought they had an extra 30% off but they didn't. BUT i got them anyway cuz they were comfy. they're a teeny bit high waisted but that's okay, they'll hide my muffin top well.

this top was $29. i've been dying to find more off the shoulder tops and i don't think this was one...but i figure if i get it a size bigger, i can pull it off as off the shoulder. that i did. i luv the gorgeous sequin/beading on the front. the material is very light and makes a great flowy/airy top for the hot summer nights.

i knew aritzia was having crazy sales - geez, i already went to their private pre-sale. but i got an email the other day that there were further could i resist!! i think i did very well at aritzia...

2 pairs of shorts - the blue/white striped one is my fav. its so classy. these shorts fit very well and the material is super comfy. i have another pair in a navy, different cutting but the same material and i love them. they can be worn casual or dressy. i can't wait to bring these out this weekend!

this long sleeve button-down tunic sweater is a great piece for having around when the weather gets a little cooler but not cold enough for a jacket. it pairs well with shorts or jeans. its a staple piece and it was only $27!!! i dont know what's gotten into me with stripes lately...but i love it. its so easy to dress up or dress down.

this oversized sweater is an awesome item for the fall....paired with a cute tank top inside, it's perfect with a cute pair of white shorts. the bottom of the sweater has the elastic band, so it gives a little balloon effect on your waist - which is awesome cuz it hides my muffin top. this was $25.

this is a staple button-down gray cardigan for work. it's actually something i don't have. weird right? i thought for a whole $24.99, you can't go wrong. especially the looks like its got wool mixed into it, but it doesnt cuz its not the itchy kind of material. i can't wait to sport this with my white linen pants & a cute tank underneath...when the weather gets cooler. that's my entire clothing haul for a monday night. i think i did pretty good in terms of finding bargains. i didn't realize how cheap the clothes were at the bebe outlets. i'm def goin there more often now. i actually enjoyed shopping on a monday night. no screaming kids, retarded youngin's and most of all, no crowds, no line-ups ANYWHERE!!! hope you enjoyed the haul!


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  1. Hi there, I love the new shorts you got! especially the blue artizia ^_^ I've been looking for a similar cardigan or tunic like the stripes! haha