Saturday, July 16, 2011

food rant + beauty products = luv

Wow…it’s finally Friday. This week seemed to have drag on longer than Princess Diana’s train on her wedding dress. Thankfully it’s over and I can somewhat relax…well as soon as 4:30pm hits anyway. As I am writing this and trying to piece together my words, I am stuffing my face with a filet-o-fish from the safe & default, McDonalds. When in doubt on what to eat for lunch, go McDs. I know…I know…I can already hear all of you screaming at me but I can’t help it, it’s quick and predictable…usually, no surprises. However, today was a different story. If you’ve ever set foot in the financial district during the standard lunch hours, you will understand why some of us believe McDonald’s fries are always crispy & fresh. The line-ups at McDoanld’s are endless and they go through so much of the food that there is never enough time for it to cool down and turn mushy; which was why I was undeniably surprised today by the McDonalds I went to. My co-worker (who was being oh-so-nice, decided to buy me lunch) up’ed the fries to an extra large for me just because…..yet the fries were MUSHY & SOGGY!!! (refer to photo below)

I was so angry when I got to my desk and saw limp fries…..I only had a few and I tossed it *pulls hair out*. To the McDonald’s location I went to today, you are an embarrassment and should be ashamed of yourself!!!

Next topic of business…I’ve had several people ask me what products I use in the summer and how I managed to look fresh & not like I’m dripping in a combination of oil, sweat, bronzer & highlighter. So I decided to show you what products I’ve been sticking to the past summer months. These are just some essentials – they’re not actually my entire face routine, so I may not use all said products everyday.

estee lauder daywear plus multi-protection tinted moisturizer - this is basically all you will need in a tinted moisturizer. Think smashbox’s o-bronze + moisturizer. Basically this is a tinted moisturizer that customizes the tine you achieve on your skin. The downer is that you’d still have to put a little bit of powder on top to set it cuz it can get a teeny bit greasy but still well worth it!

bonne belle mineralize bronzer – this is the cheapest, most effective bronzer I have ever owned – yes it beats Nar’s Laguna, Mac’s Solar Riche, any of the Too Faced bronzers and even sometimes (just sometimes) Benefit’s Hoola bronzer. Its sold at most drugstores so you will conveniently find it and won’t have to tread far for it. The best part is that it will never make u look red or muddy and a little bit goes a long way.

cream blushes – I don’t typically like cream blushes because I find they intensify the look of my pores but sometimes for a pop of color in the summer, u can’t go wrong with cream blushes. I would recommend doing the cream first and then lightly sweeping a similar color powder blush on top to set it. EMPHASIS is on LIGHTLY!

Benefit’s Coralista blush – anybody who knows remotely anything about makeup, know or have heard about the famous coralista. It is the perfect corally pink that works on any type of skintone and the best part? It’s buildable!! This is a must-have in any make-up kit.

Neutral eyeshadows – in the summer, I don’t like heavy eye makeup. It’s already hot out and last thing u need is to have purple, blue, gray eyeshadow running down your lids. I usually opt for more neutral toned e/s. Urban Decay’s “ruthless” has always been my go-to fav. It’s easy, it’s got the right amount of shimmer & its dark enough to give your eyelid some dimension. Perfect neutral color.

light summery perfumes - i've ranted about the Chloe perfume before in a previous post, but i'm not just referring to this particular perfume. any type of light summery scents is good. for instance, the true religion for women or even the dior miss dior are both excellent scents for summer.

lip balm with SPF - i'm not usually a huge fan of lip balms but in the summer, i don't always want glossy disco ball lips. so lip balms are a way to go...especially the kiehl's (here i go again!!) one. they're actually real famous for their lip balm. the thing i luv about their lip balm is that you can wear ur lipstick on top no problem.

baby lotion: lavender & chamomile – I don’t like the original baby lotion smell but I love this one. its so light and I can see why they say this is used for babies before bed. I guess the chamomile and lavender would calm and put the baby to sleep. It’s a lighter lotion so just enough for the summer.

so lately, i've realized how much i luv my miu miu bow bag. it is the perfect bag. you can dress it up and dress it down. so i thought i'd share with you my luv (see photo)...i think i want another one in a different color though. hmmm.....

.....i actually finished this post today, so that's why it started with friday and now ended with saturday. off i go to get ready for the bagillion bridal/wedding showers i have for this wknd....


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  1. Hey B! I agree with you Coralista is my absolute favourite! i;ve been searching around for a coral pink and this have got to be the one! i hope your well babe :)