Thursday, July 28, 2011

skin peeling is the new thing....worddd.

Are you grossed out by the title of this post already?? haha. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! No, but there's a purpose to this post...well actually no that's not it either. *scratches head* Just read on....

skin peeling or is it peeling skin
Last night, I had some spare time in which I wasn't feeling lazy and was feeling quite I figure I'll put it to some good use and do some skin/face treatments. Here is what I did - in order:

I forgot to include my Lancome makeup remover...but I'll do a separate post on that

1. Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser. I washed my face with this after I took my makeup off. I lathered my face with the product and before rinsing it off...I used the Clarisonic Plus.

2. Clarisonic Plus. I bought this about a year ago and although, it requires commitment and daily dedication to include this into your daily facial routine, it really works and is an amazing product. I have noticed my pores have gotten smaller since using it and my skin has cleared up since. Before I rinse off my Kiehl's cleanser, I usually use this while the cleanser is lathered on my face. This helps to clean your skin and pores thoroughly.

3. St. Ives Facial Apricot Scrub. This stuff is and by far the best and most cost friendly exfoliater ever. The smell is not the greatest but its bearable...also, you don't have to use a whole ton and even if you do, this stuff will last. I've had mine for about a year? And I'm only really starting to make dents in it now. Mind you, you shouldn't have to use this stuff everyday. Note: please do not use any exfoliater with beads or particles in it, with your Clarisonic. It'll clog the Clarisonic...I thought I'd remind you guys, even though it seems common sense.

4. Mangosteen Peeling Gel. This is actually what I wanted to focus on, also what drove the title. LOL. This stuff is does exactly what its name says, it peels your skin. I know it sounds gross but imagine your face with layers and layers of built-up dead skin. This stuff gets rid of all that, to reveal clean & clear skin (see pics for reference below). I actually bought this 2 years ago in Hong Kong (at City Super, for those wondering) so I'm not sure where you can get it in Canada/US. But I believe the Korean brand "Laneige" has something to this effect. I believe it's part of their Strawberry Yogurt line...but the content is not clear, it's a bit of a creamy texture instead.

the gel comes out clear...

rub the gel over your skin/face until you start to feel bits & pieces of skin particles. once you feel you are done, wash face with a soft cloth towel & pat dry.

Laneige's Strawberry Yogurt Peeling Gel - I believe it's around $29CAD.

To ipad2 or not to ipad2?
I've been debating for a long, long time whether to get the ipad2 or the blackberry playbook. I'm all for BB when it comes to my cell and all that....but I also want to be able to access all the apps that the ipad has to offer. Considering I can't go nails won't allow it and my driving & texting habit does not support iphones, I figure ipad would be the ideal thing. I was still unsure until my girlfriend Lisa mentioned a good point...BEJEWELED ON FULL SCREEN!!! At that point, I was sold because all I could think of was not Bejeweled...but my Moonlight Mah Jong FULL SCREEN. My puzzles layout would be a whole 7"x9" screen. O-M-G!!!!!! I mean right now, I have to play my mah jong on either my itouch or my mom's iphone (see below) I figure, I'm going to need my own.

Final verdict?? IPAD2 IT IS!!!!. Plus I want to subscribe to all those magazine subscriptions for the ipad, face time with my girlies, skype, instagram!!, use it as a much-better-version of the kindle and of course, my apps. The thought of having BBM full screen was tempting, but then I thought, there are some conversations that I would never want full-screen what do you guys think?? what do you have?? ipad2 > bb playbook??

Sorry this entry was a bit random....but I figure it's better than not writing. Hope I kept you interested for a good 4 mins. LOL.

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  1. yessss get the ipad2 cos i have one toooooooo

    the peeling gel... try curel its one of the best!!