Friday, July 22, 2011

hottest day of the!!

disclaimer: picture heavy!

today was pretty much the hottest day of the year. 38degrees but feelin like what? 48 degrees?? and i didn't complain one bit....i loved it. we wait all year for a day like this, especially with our stupid unbearably cold winters. enjoy it while it lasts was so hot, i had to put my hair up & i still did it with my pretty girl swagggg (see pic for reference).

before i continue, i'd like to give a shoutout to my girl alyssa. she took my advice and got 2 beauty products and ended up loving both of them. hey! at least i know im doin somethin right!! she got the l'oreal million lashes mascara and the revlon petal peach lipgloss. how wonderful...i'll be doing her makeup when she gets married. wooot alyssa!!

as you can probably tell from my pics or if you've seen me in know how much i love my poof. *fluffs poof* however, there are days when my hair is jus limp and lifeless...*sigh* so what do i do? i turn to the "what a tease backcombe in a bottle" by big sexy hair (see photo for reference). basically you spray a little of this into the roots and tease a little, you'll get a massive poof. where would i be without this!?!?! especially on days when my hair is being retarded.

i know some of u were interested in me doing outfit of the i figure i'll do one. this was from tuesday.

top: forever21 (years ago!)
pants: marciano (they're linen & oh-so-comfortable)
watch: dior

also before i finish off this post, i'm going to post a few pics of last weekend. i went to 2 bridal/wedding showers and then went to what we call "night market" - it's basically "taste of asia" in a parking lot. there's oysters, bbq beef and squid on skewers, stinky tofu, pineapple slushy in a pineapple, know, the works. haha. enjoy!

shower 1 - vincy & lawrence

night market - markham

shower 2 - vicki li (my gf from high school!)

cupcakes made by Catherine Chen @ Sugar Baking

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  1. woo love the post, i hardly see u in pants but i like the look of those linen pants
    and what is this magical spray u speak of
    i demand a bottle when we go taiwan XD