Friday, July 29, 2011

green & yellow, green & yellow...

hi, my name is bonita and i like to paint my toes a gazillion colors all at once. dont judge me. lol. so i've gotten into this whole thing with painting my toes 2 different colors. it all started when i was starring at my box of nail polishes and couldn't decide which color to do my i said, hey, why not do both colors. so that i did and ever since, i have gotten stares from randomers...especially in the elevators when i am wearing open-toed shoes. *shrugs* *bbm hand in face smiley*
disclaimer: excuse my bad camera skills. i wish i owned a DSLR & can take kick ass pics...but until then, bb cam pics will have to do!

green & yellow, green & yellow
i had time on my hands i decided to make use of my time. :)

mimosa, last friday nite & mint candy apple

paradoxal & teenage dream

see what i mean by i couldn't decide what color to use? and who am i to deprive any of these colors for a fair chance right?! HA! so here are the results....because im gangsta like that.

my toes...excuse its stubbiness

my 1 going to leave this & see who comments on it...

what do you guys think? is it too much?? not for u?? i'm not so sure i like this combo on my toes...i'm too lazy to change it now but maybe i'll do it tomorrow. as for my 1 nail, well....that's cuz i was bored. hahahaha.

makeup remover...featuring Lancome

Lancome EAU FRAƮCHE DOUCEUR Micellar Cleansing Water Face, Eyes, Lips

In my last post, i forgot to post about my makeup it is in all its glory. this is my first time purchase and it's allrightttttt. this is the non-oil based version and i opted for this cuz i figured it was summer and i can honestly do without the grease/oil. will i repurchase? maybe...i'm not sure yet because i feel like i can find something better. i mean it does its job, but for sum reason, i dont particularly luv it. do you use this also? what do you think?


Are you a lush bath bomb fanatic like me?? i got this idea from a random youtube video i came across. i used to store these bath bombs in containers and boxes but they're so pretty, and can make fantastic decor in your bathroom...not to mention, it smells fantastic. (given you don't store it in a container/jar with a lid) i think it looks quite neat. hehehe.

Winter-ish Perfume...Summer Use

I understand there are certain scents or perfumes you probably shouldn't wear in the summer. But I don't believe there should be a limit or rule about what you can or cannot use in the long as you don't smell like a bathroom, or a nasty old hair're okay! I started using the Guess Seductive perfume recently...guilty though, I mix a bit of the Ralph by Ralph Lauren in with it and I'm loving how I smell. I can't stop smelling myself. Hahaha! *sniff sniff* When I first bought this perfume, I wasn't too sure about it....then it started to grow on me. what perfumes/scents do you guys like? are you more conscious of which perfume you use in the summer/winter months?

and now before i sign-off....this was what i woke up to (from my nap!). she has a "dont bother or judge me look cuz i sleep funny" hahahaha. thanks for reading!!


  1. how many coats of mimosa is that? the color is gorgeousssss
    i wish i can paint my own toe nails..i am CRAP. i try but it ends up looking like poo so in the end i have to go to the store. Aiiie

    btw i dont think its too much at all
    i think ur nails all look FAB

  2. Mimosa looks so flattering on your toesies! I wanna try it but I think I might be too dark. <3 the ring finger. I'm going to try to recreate it!