Wednesday, August 3, 2011

sum OOTDs + club monaco

This is going to be a quick post because it is 130am and i need to pretty much get up in like 4hrs. My precious puppy is also giving me dirty looks because the light on my laptop is keeping her up. YES, my dog hates sleeping with the lights or any sort of lights for that matter, disturbs her sleep. *sigh* *smdh*

I have 2 OOTDs below - this past weekend was long weekend, so I was so excited to wear some of the new shorts I wrote about a few posts ago.


top: bebe
shorts: aritzia - it's the ones i posted about before in my haul
tank top: marciano - plain black tank
sunglasses: bvlgari (old LE ones - they're from 3 or 4 summers ago)


top: club monaco (keep reading for details)
shorts: aritzia - it's the same style as the white shorts in the previous OOTD but these ones are the blue/white stripes

Club Monaco Galore
Yes, I went shopping on the weekend - my mom and I figured we could do a little damage and damage we did. We raided the sale racks @ Club Monaco. I love going to Club Mon for work stuff and some classy pieces to go out in or even to casually dress up or down. The tops below are exactly what I'm talking about. I always feel soooo accomplished when I find a good sale - it's like better than getting straight As. hahaha. spoken like a true shopaholic....anyway, onto the clothes!

this top is 100% silk and it was originally like $100+ but it was on sale for $69. Still a tad steep but I couldn't pass it up. It's so classy, so comfortable and it was 100% SILK!! This was the top I wore with the shorts in the previous OOTD. It also hides all my muffin tops in the right places....pure love!

these 2 tops are identical except for the colors...I figured at such a good price, I might as well grab them. These were $19 each!!!! with the tank inside included....I believe they're sewn in together. The top is of a lacey/chiffon-y material - I just hate how it wrinkles easily but fir $19, how could you go wrong!?!?

That's everything for today....I'll write more in the next post. My eyelids are getting heavier and I'm becoming delirious.


  1. hey gorgeous!! ♥ misshuuu!! like what you're wearing!! ^_^ so summery!! *kissy kissy kissy*

  2. looking as gorgeous as ever!
    i like the gray top on u
    i thnk its very much ur color