Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tea & skincare anyone??

the amount of sleep i got last nite was zero...a big fat ZERO!! i don't know what was going on, but i had tons going through my mind (none of it productive) which pretty much caused my insomnia. then on comes "strange addictions" on TLC...it was over. i was eyes wide open watching it - lady who ate her husband's ashes, girl who ate plastic & a woman who was addicted to bleach. who would pass that up for sleep? hahaha. by the time i was able to fall asleep...i wouldn't dare look at the time. needless to say, i was a delirious zombie today - i'm sure i wobbled a few times at work.

Mini Skincare Haul
i noticed that i'm going to run out of makeup remover soon...like in probably 2 days, so i thought this was the perfect chance to try something i've wanted to try for a while but never got to. it's the bioderma sensibio H2O cleanser makeup remover. lord that was a mouthful.

i heard that this product was a HUGE hit in asia (specifically hong kong) and i thought it looked quite cute...it looks like a bottle of water. lol. and if it's a hit in hong kong, where most girls are obsessed with their skin, i figured i'll give it a try. i bought this at my local shoppers drug mart - i think it retailed for around $20 or $22 regular price but shoppers was having a sale, 15% off all bioderma products. it was meant to be! i haven't used it but i'll let u guys know how it goes.

Morning Burst...
along with the bioderma cleanser, i also bought the clean & clear morning burst skin brightening facial cleanser. the first time i heard about this product, was through some girl's twitter.

apparently this is pretty good stuff. i just never got around to purchasing because it was $11.99 @ shoppers and for some reason, i thought it was a bit steep for clean & clear....so i waited. FINALLY, it went on sale for $7.99...i grabbed it so fast off the shelf, you would've thought they only had 1 left. (they had tons left!) i'm going to incorporate this into my morning face wash routine. i usually am a bit lazier in the AM, so i wouldn't use a cleanser to wash my face cuz its not like i went anywhere in my sleep! but i thought the words "morning burst" would help wake me up in the morning. hahaha. we'll see...

Tea Anyone?
what's your favorite tea? green tea, earl grey, orange pekoe?? i am a huge tea drinker but i am very picky about my teas. chinese teas are probably my fav and then it's my beloved EARL GREY!! btw...i hate green tea. this is weird coming from an asian. a few months ago, i discovered a new brand of earl grey teas that's worth mentioning....

it's the Tetley Earl Grey tea - i'm not saying this is the best earl grey because i've had better. but this is the most convenient one to keep in your office or have when you're in a rush and need a quick fix. i usually take my tea with 2 sugars and 1 milk. the tetley earl grey seems to be a bit lighter as compared to other earl greys i've had. it comes in a cute tea bag, that you can just chuck into your mug, add water & ur ready to go. anyone else like earl grey? someone once told me it's an old people tea....soooo what? im old anyways!! *sticks tongue out*

My Poor Baby...
after work today, i took my dog coco to the vet. we noticed she's been licking her paws a lot lately and this usually happens when her paws are irritated. we decided to bring her in to have the vet look at her. sure enough, there was an infection in her front left paw. before the vet could spray the disinfectant, she had to cut the fur and nails - my dog is a princess (are you surprised?) and she will bite sometimes, if she's uncomfortable or pissy. she doesn't bite for no reason...she only does that to me, but usually when someone tries to cut her nails or the hair around her face, she gets defensive. so the vet decided to put something like a muzzle on her....i have never put a muzzle on her but this did the job. hahahaha. but that's not the important part....i wanted to show you wat she looked like with the muzzle on. LOL. i almost died laughing....

she kept "crying" as if you were going after her with a machete....she wasn't in any sort of pain at all. she was just putting on a show and being a drama queen. she's okay now but we have to spray her paws twice a day and make sure we put her booties on when we take her for her walks. hahaha...anyways, thought you'd enjoy a good laugh also.



  1. i am very curious abt the bioderma so i await ur review!
    hope coco is better soon :(

  2. haha. she's fine...she was just being a friggin princess. we're spraying her paws so we'll see how it goes.
    YEA! i haven't used it yet - finishing my lancome...i'll let u know tho!