Thursday, August 11, 2011

flip flops with a hair tie anyone?

you can always count on me for stupidity, clumsy stories....and they are all starring me. for some reason, the most ridiculous, you can never think of crap always happens to me. today was no different. as you all know, i tread quite a distance going to work...well no i'm exaggerating, but it's a 15-20min walk each day from the station to my work. like any other summery, hot day, i wore my "trusty" (i use this word sparingly) bebe flip flops. on the way to the station after a REALLY long day of work, right around where they're building the Trump building on bay st, miss wong trips, almost fell flat on her face...but didn't. i felt ninja cuz i didn't and i must've thrown up some ninja move in the process. the stones on the ground near the Trump building are uneven, my coworker actually fell flat on her face there'd think that i'd know better and be careful. anyway, when i regained my posture...and went to continue walking, i realize my flip flops broke!! the "tong" part had snapped off and now i was up shit creek because i'm in the middle of bay st, looking like an idiot with no shoe!!! how the hell was i going to continue my walk? then, miss smarty pants over here, takes out a hair tie from her bag and temporarily "fixed" the flip flop. i thought it was all gangsta....hahahaha.

OCC Lip Tars
alrite enough stupidity...back to the important stuffs! last november, i went to the IMATS in Toronto and the 1 thing i wanted really bad were the OCC lip tars. i've heard tons of good things and didn't want to order them online cuz i knew they would be cheaper at the IMATs. i picked up 5 lip tars...

left to right: memento, hush, cha-cha, divine, vapid

when you first put these on, they have a minty taste and smell. they're actually quite soothing on the lips which is a bit surprising. they also last HELLA long...and they don't dry out your lips like how some lipsticks do. i can't wait to go back to the IMATs and grab more colors. do you guys own any lip tars? what colors are worth looking at?

usually i use the shu uemura kolinsky portable extra lip brush to put these on. this brush is applies any lip product precisely because the brush is very thin and narrow, unlike some lip brushes. you can actually use this as an eyeliner brush for your gel liner. pure LUV!! i also love the "packaging" on it - it sorta looks like a bullet. not guna lie though, the price is a bit steep...a whole $35USD (that's what it says on their website, but i can't remember how much it was when i bought it).

Reminds Me of Miami...
a few years ago, i was in Miami and i remember grabbing shower gel the day before. i didn't know which ones were good or whatever at the i just went with whatever looked decent. i ended up with the SoftSoap Juicy Pomegrante & Mango Infusions shower gel. i just thought the pomegrante & mango combo was going to be good...and i was right!

i had to repurchase this because everytime i use it, it reminds me of miami. i can't say this shower gel is any different from other ones, because i used to grab lush ones. but have stopped because it was getting pricey and i didn't think they were any better than drugstores stuff. i must say though, the smell of this is GORGEOUS. it smells like a nice cocktail you'd have on a hot day on a beach...hahaha. yes i'm relating shower gel to alcohol. *smh* have you guys tried this? what shower gel do you use?

Honey Salve Me
i know a lot of beauty gurus have raved about the MAC Honey Salve that came out with the Naked Honey collection. at the time, i wanted to pass this up but i got this at the MAC warehouse sale and i couldn't be happier. i use this on my feet a lot cuz i tend to get really bad calluses. this keeps them all nice and also works wonders on your cuticles.

....heading to bed. i gotta go grab a new pair of flip flops, well stylish cute ones, on the weekend. where should i go? i remember being at bebe a few weeks back and didn't see anything i liked. maybe i'll try there again because bebe actually has some really decent, long lasting (these would've lasted me if i hadn't tripped!!!) flippies.


  1. i read fit flips in my google reader and thought..oooh miss B must have gotten them too
    but turns out i was halfblind [in my defense, i read on my iphone so its tiny]

    u gotta try them fit flops. sooo comfy. the new designs are pretty too.i have two pairs and intend to buy a heck load more.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @ YOUR BUM FLIP-FLOP!! *wait* that's happened to me too......... LOL, except I didn't have a damn hair tie. You're like me -- the strangest crap always gotta happen to me!