Tuesday, August 23, 2011

earthquake + chocolate...fantastic.

Today’s post will not be a beauty (well much of it) or fashion post….that’s a refreshing thought isn’t it. it will be a post about one of my favorite things to do or well consume….FOOD. =) I already see the big smiles on your faces. Don’t laugh so hard at your screen cuz then ppl may stare and think you’re weird. Weirdo. Hahaha. Let’s get down to business and cut the small talk shall we….

….off topic: who felt the earthquake today?? I was sitting at my desk and trying to concentrate….then I felt this shake, I swear to God I thought it was me being dizzy because of my fatass-ness. I was hoping I could report it and go home early….due to my dizziness. But no such luck. Is everyone in DC / NYC ok??? If not….well, find a desk and hide under it until they say it’s okay to come out. I resume…..

For those of you who know me in person or those who just know me thru social networks….it’s pretty damn obvious that I love to eat. I am addicted to food. Haha. The healthy way, mind you…I don’t binge and purge. I feel like that’s wasting the great steaks or lobster I just had….no can do. In my previous posts, I talked about my ridiculously pathetic craving for starbursts and the adventures I went through to satisfy this craving. I sometimes think I crave like a pregnant lady….if not worse. For instance, if I want sour cream & bacon chips by Ruffles at like 3am….i will drive to a 24hr grocery store or a 24hr shoppers, and get my chips. That’s pretty sad right….oh it doesn’t end there. I’ve gotten friends to leave wherever they are early, to meet me at the fast-food place or restaurant to satisfy whatever I was craving at that moment. Most people find this mini-obsession of mine quite entertaining….my family on the other hand, think it’s disgusting. My dad always says, one day you’re going to eat so much that we’ll be homeless….and you’ll still be eating. *thumbs up* hey….can’t do nothing about my hopes & dreams on an empty stomach right???

I digress….

Recently, my cousin went to visit his girlfriend in the UK. She was there studying for her Masters in Economics and since he was going to visit, what better time to ask for souvenirs. Especially edible ones. *yummy in my tummy* i think food brings people together and i luv how it's like the COMMON interest between my friends and i. hahaha...its sucha fatass thing to say, but oh well. anyways, my cousin brought me back this:

this is called the Peepster Box by a brand called Hotel Chocolate. i'm guessing it's something like a sample box?? my cousin said he tried it and it was good. it comes in 4 different flavors...

mississippi mud pie
described to be: mellow milk chocolate with dark drizzles, dashes of white chocolate and dark cookie pieces.

eton mess
described to be: a timeless summer favourite with strawberry and vanilla chocolate, cookies, meringue and strawberry pieces.

described to be: inspired by the dreamy italian dessert, milk and mocha chocolate, cookie pieces and enrobed with coffee beans.

lemon cheesecake
described to be: zesty lemon white chocolate, shots of mellow milk and biscuity cocoa cookies.

so far, i've only tried the tiramisu...and i can tell you the texture of the chocolate is like velvet. i can't wait to try the others. it is absolute heaven!! so if you or you know of anyone going to the UK, make sure u grab one of these. i think he said he got it at harrods. i'm not sure though.

Makes you go huh??
just before i show you my LOTD...i wanted to vent a little. WHY do clothing companies always insist on putting those useless stringy things on their tops? u know, the ones where you're suppose to hook onto your hanger so your top hangs properly. well they're useless anyways because a) the stringy things never stay on the hanger, so it defeats its sole purpose and b) its always either too long or too short, so i won't even reach my hanger hook properly to actually hang my top nicely. so what is the purpose of these things again????? they make me go scissor happy....

LOTD + new hair
well it's not really new hair...i just got it done on the weekend. my roots were attacking my head so i figure it might be a good idea to get it done before the wedding on saturday.

...and then is the LOTD.

(sorry for the crappy quality + lighting)

what i used:
eyes: (all MAC eyeshadows) "style snob" all over the lid, "soft brown" in crease to blend out color, "glamour check" in outer corner blended toward the crease
face: estee lauder daywear tinted moisturizer, laura mercier loose setting powder, bonne belle glimmer bronze bronzer in gold'n glitz, MAC "harmony" blush to contour, coralista blush, diorskin shimmer powder in 002 diamant ambre for highlight.
lips: nothing...they were bare & i was too lazy to put on anything before i finished my coffee...lol

....that's pretty much it. today's a slow day and i'm slow as usual. i think i'll just go sit back & watch my family channel shows.


  1. You're so pretty! You're going to start feeling more quakes unfortunately. there's a brown dwarf in our solar system right now that nasa is trying to keep under covers.

  2. Hey B that lemon cheesecake one looks gooood. I've always asked my friends to bring me back some European car parts when they head over there, but I think I should add some of that chocolate to my list! We felt the "quake" here in Scarborough too. It's trippy when you just minding you're own business then all of a sudden you feel your chair moving underneath you by itself!

  3. loving the hair!

    see, this is why i ask u not to come jp this yr cos the quakes we are having are a lot stronger than what u guys are got. [like tats a norm for us and we are having some seriously strong shakes] i cant bear the thought of u in the hotel by urself in case it happens.