Monday, August 8, 2011

taste of danforth + haul = luv

lets admit, i know some of you hate reading my babbling and just want to look at the pics i post....cuz i am guilty of the same. wahahaha. well you guys got your wish, this post is going to be full of pics because this past weekend was full of eventful things that i just HAVE to share with you. you have been forewarned...

let me just break it down real quick, before we get to the pics, of what happened this weekend. first, i hauled...yeah, i walked into sephora and mac *covers face* - i know, i'm disgusting. lol. AND my mom & i went to get our nails done. THEN, it was taste of the danforth this weekend. For those who don't know, this is basically toronto's annual greek festival, that usually happens the first weekend of august. full of music, FANTASTIC greek foods and obviously, huge, sweaty crowds. this name originated from the infamous area in toronto called "Danforth" and it is almost like a little greek, where majority of greek restaurants and people reside. during "Taste" they usually close off the streets and vendors/restaurants set up booths and they cook the most delicious foods. it does get pricey sometimes, but it is SO WORTH IT. considering, it's only once a year and i'm a fatass, so i never miss out. i went both friday and saturday night...friday was better because it wasn't as crowded and the weather cooperated. saturday was packed with sweaty, smelly people...strollers running over my feet, and it was drizzling like a mofo so i looked like a hotmess. let me just say, for those people who said "why are these people even using umbrellas? it's just rain. they act like they're going to melt." ...i have one thing to say to you: "just because your hair is ugly as it is, it dont mean everyone else wants to have ugly hair also!!!!" now onto the pics....

Taste of the Danforth
souvlaki or gyros on a pita, tzatziki sauce loaded onto everything, calamari, lemonade, corn on a cob and funnel cake....i must say, taste of the danforth is a foodie's (like me) heaven. i ate so much, i swear i could've rolled out of there. yep, i had trouble walking. ahahaha.

my mom & i...let the eating begin!!

my chicken souvlaki pita with fries in it - don't ask. lol.

the funnel cake that we polished off - god, i am drooling as i type.

Beeeautiful Nails

My mom & i went to get our nails done this weekend. we usually go together anyways, but we found a really good place recently - it's called in-rainbow nails. they seem pretty decent. this is my 2nd time there and for some reason, i found it blog worthy this time. hahaha. see pics below - what do you think? btw....these are all bio-gel nails and they're our own nails (i used to tip them, but this time it's all my own)...i luv the way she shaped our nails. BOOYAH!!

my nails - the white isn't sprayed on acrylic paint, it's actual white colored gel. i prefer the white colored gel more because it stays white and won't turn yellow.

my mom's nails - it's a peachy/pink colored gel with designs on top. my mother likes it fancy. she fancy huh! *drake's fancy song playin*

Haulage - Sephora & MAC
Yes, beauty junkies, i see you desperately waiting to see what i hauled. hahaha. before i show you, let me tell you why i waltzed into these 2 places...when i swore up & down i'd try and contain myself. the other day, i got an email from Sephora about how if you spent $35+, you get this fabulous beauty box. this was for VIB members only and it was their appreciation gesture...i figured why not. as for MAC, i basically was browsing their website and my body automatically started jotting down lipstick names and next thing you know, i ended up @ mac. weird. lol.

That's the Sephora beauty box...its cute and its free, wat more do you want!! so here is a list of the product names that came with it. i haven't tried any of this stuff so if you have, let me know which ones are worth it.
- NARS pro-prime pore refining primer
- Philosophy miracle worker miraculous anti-aging moisturizer
- Stila lip & cheek stain in coconut crush
- Bliss's fat girl slim
- Laura Mercier full blown volume mascara in Black
- Phytolisse ultra-smoothing anti-frizz serum
- Benefit ring my bella perfume
- Toki Doki Adios rollerball perfume

in order to get my free beauty box, i grabbed 3 of the Sephora by OPI nail polishes. 2 of them i've had before but couldn't find's the infamous "metro chic" and "mermaid to order" - i also found this beautiful grey polish called "frankly i don't give a damn."

left to right: frankly i don't give a damn, mermaid to order, metro chic

when i was at sephora, i wandered over to the make-up forever section and swatched this:

this is the MUFE Aqua lip liner in #16C and the rouge artist intense lipstick in #36 on top. what do you guys think? should i? i was going to pick it up also, but the lip liner itself was $29!!! i couldn't justify it - which urged me more to go to mac and try to find a dupe. *pulls hair out*

MAC lips...
going into MAC, i am usually the easiest customer because i always have a list of what i want ready and i never waste the MUA's time - trying to decide which shade is better. i actually don't like when people give me advice on what i should wear...considering i am the one who knows my skintone best. i picked ready for this?....6 lipsticks!! *covers face* i'm not a beauty junkie....i swear!! *runs away* hahaha. they are beautiful colors and i couldn't say no to them. (these are all part of their permanent collection, so YES, you may run out to grab them also!!)

top left to right: modesty, costa chica & pink nouvean
bottom left to right: impassioned & girl about town
missing: myth

these are all amazing colors - i'm not sure why i've been on a COLORFUL LIP phase lately but i'm enjoying it...before i gotta go back to my dull colors in the fall. but i hear burgundy lips are in this fall, so i am on a mission to find the perfect red wine burgundy lipstick...any suggestions??

I think i've said this before...but all my friends spoil me like i'm 5. don't worry, i often return the favor! my friend shaun got me (ANOTHER!!!!) roll of awesome is that!!!! i am saving this for a sleepy day @ work. woooot!!!


  1. mmm i love ur nails
    same here, i always get them to use colored gel rather than spray on not just in white but any color i end up getting

    tat mufe liner is fucking HOT HOT HOT. i say get it! u know how i feel abt mufe and their aqua liners though i havent tried the lip ones. i would suggest getting them cheaper at imats but i dont know when tat is

  2. LOVE ur nails! I miss getting mine done long (I type way too much at work these days for them to be long)