Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Marciano + Victoria's Secret = Girly Weekend

I must say….these lazy, doing nothing productive weekends are becoming addictive. I am beginning to operate and sound like an 80 year old who can’t get up off their ass to do anything but eat, shit, sleep, repeat. But hey, I don’t care because that’s the best kind of life….at the moment. lol….wow that was disgusting. ANYWAYS, soooo how was everyone’s weekend?? anybody else do anything more exciting than me? Don’t all raise your hands at once!

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned…..I shopped….again. are you guys getting sick of my haul posts yet? Or are you enjoying it and then running out to get the stuff I’ve talked about? Because if you are, you are a WINNER!! #Winning status! Hahaha. Anyways, so this past weekend Marciano was having a members only 20% off anything regular price. I actually haven’t gone into these sales in a while, because my girlfriend Nadia who works @ Marciano, moved from the stores to the office and so I kinda just stopped going….she was my awesome hook-up. She’s the only honest sales that would tell me if something looked bad or if I should just wait it out and see if it went on sale. But yeah….this weekend was bad. Here we go….

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M is for Marciano….
So 4 tops, a scarf and a pair of pants later….i walked out of yorkdale with a million dollar smile.

dretz easy logo tee
I got this in black because I figured it hides my muffin top better and overtime, white tops can look old and depressing. I want to wear this as an off-shoulder top also. Nadia (my girl @ Marciano) doesn’t like it off-shoulder, she thinks it’s not as flattering. Regular price this was $62. I know the pricings are a bit hefty, but the quality of the fabrics they use for their stuff is pretty damn awesome. The website describes this as a “comfy jersey” material consisting of 94% rayon and 6% spandex. You have to be careful when you wash it cuz if not, there’s going to be those lint-ball looking things growing out of your shirt after a few wears.

sea surf top
This retailed for $98…quite steep I know, but with the 20% off and how good it looked on, I had to say yes. Even my mom liked this the best out of all the tops I got. It’s 100% cotton and it falls quite loosely around the sleeves area, especially that hole around the shoulders part. It looked really tight fitting at the store but when I tried it on, I was really surprised how much room it gives. It’s really stretchy too – so that means I can use this as one of my fat tops, when I get into my emotional eating phases.

the Mallory Halter top
When i first saw this top in the store window, i knew i wanted it so badly. i luv tops like these because it makes me look skinnier...well around my arms anyway. i loved the bow detail of the top also. there was another pattern in this top, but the teal on this one just made my day! lol. this retailed for $128 and it is 96% spandex and 4% silk. i admit, the price was a bit steep also, but i think i'll be wearing this to a wedding...so this saves me the headache of looking for a dress. and when you put this on, you can actually feel the stretch...which makes it even more comfortable.

the Crochet Top
i actually liked this in the coral...but my mom didn't. but when she saw the blue, she luved it. this fits and falls really nicely - especially because it hides my muffin top. LOL. the back is quite low, so if you weren't going to wear a tank underneath...make sure u can't see the bra strap from the back. this retailed for $88 and it is 100% rayon. i actually wore this to work today and got tons of compliments...plus its soo comfortable! i paired this with skinnies and nude pumps today.

the Sabina Scarf
i believe this pattern is the "Sabina" - this is actually the other pattern that the mallory halter top comes in. its a really nice pattern for a scarf but i'm not sure about wearing it as a top. it needs a bit more color. this scarf retailed for $58 and it is 100% polyamide. you just gotta be careful when you wear it to make sure it doesn't get snagged.

Fever Skinny Lace-Up Pant
i contemplated for about 20 mins either to get this in the "rolling stone" which is like a green/khaki...or a "deep plum" which is more of a dark purple grey. i decided to get the "deep plum" because darker colors makes your thighs slimmer. hahaha. i need that. these fit really well and the material is stretchy, which is awesome. these retailed for a steep $148 but it was well worth it because the fit is just incredible...and it makes your bum look amazing, despite the large stretch factor. the lace-up detail on the side of the pant leg is an awesome touch...it looks great dressed up with pumps or dressed down with wedges or flats. these are 98% cotton and 2% spandex. i'll be wearing these to work & to go out...to get my money's worth!

Freebie @ Victoria's Secret
on friday, as i was walking down bay st on my way to work, i was stopped by a promo girl dressed head to toe in pink...she stuck a "flyer" in my way. i grabbed it and didn't read it until i got to work...it was this:

basically, buy a bra and u get one of their lotions or body spray (full-size) for free! so i bought a bra...what girl couldn't use another VS bra rite?? LOL and i also grabbed a nightie.

i love the colors on this and it was $39.50 for 2!! i got one for me and another for my mom. the material is so soft, u will literally fall asleep just touching it. definitely worth the $39.50 for 2.

as for my free body spray/lotion....i went with the body spray because i have sooo many lotions at home. i chose this:

Moonlit Jasmine
it says on the bottle that this is a mix of jasmine and vanilla woods. i usually don't like body sprays because they usually smell like alcohol to me or i can smell the alcohol in it. but this was surprisingly light and no alcohol smell. this is perfect for a summer day (well whatever is left of it) when you don't want to spray perfume or want the heaviness of a perfume. highly recommend!!

...phew. that was a long post. but i wanted to share everything with you guys. let me know what you think. i need some style ideas!! but for now, off to bed i go.

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  1. Hey babe! You are so lucky that you have Victoria secret there! Sheesh just the other day while browsing through VS websites, I put plenty of items in my basket and guess what, The shipping price is deadly man! haha :( When is VS coming to London DAMIT!! lol