Saturday, August 20, 2011

quickie but goodie...

it's saturday morning and i am wide awake at around 10am...i have a hair appt @ 11:30am so i thought i'd save myself from rushing outta my house like a hot mess, and get up early. so far, i have: 1) finished my 2nd load of laundry, 2) washed the dishes, 3) put back all the dishes in my dishwasher, 4) fed my dog, and 5) began writing the this post of the day. all in all, i'd say i am quite productive this morning.

i'd also like to apologize for the lack of posts this week. it's been a shit creek & a half @ work and getting home after being up shit creek, i am exhausted. HOWEVER, i did go shopping (again) with my mom yesterday after work. wat can i say, marciano was having a 20% regular price sale and i got this sweet ass deal coupon from victoria's secret....i'll share all the goodies with you tmr. for now, lets move onto a LOTD and 2 other beauty things i'd like to share with you.

this is what i wore to work yesterday....i thought i was sooo gangsta with my leopard/cheetah print scarf. hahaha. *pops non-existant collar* *gangsta lean*

top: club monaco (from a few hauls back)
scarf: the "roar" scarf from marciano
jeans: marciano (they're really old!)
shoes: (unseen) my nude pumps

i'd say i did a good job with this LOTD....considering it was a 5:30am!!!! worddd!

BOO-gundy lipstick anyone???
i recently came across a makeup tutorial video on YT by "makeupbyleinabaaaaby" (i probably missed an "a" in there somewhere...) and she did an awesome look with gold eyes and dark boogundy lips. yes i say boo-gundy instead of burgundy, because apparently that's how it is pronounced in french and my ex used to say it all the time, so it stuck. *shrugs* plus, booogundy sounds so much better than burrrgundy. #justsayin anyway, after watching the video, i thought i had to try out this i went out and bought a boogundy lippie. "MEDIA" by MAC. it looks insanely dark in the tube but the swatch seemed to be the purfect mix of dark red & a red wine color. what do u think? too dark? i actually can't wait to try this and do a look with it...obviously, i'll post when it's done. i know, the color can be tricky to wear & it's not fall i dunno if i'll wait to do the look. i'm still tryna enjoy my summer.

Rediscovering Gucci II
in my drawer, i've got a gazillion & 1 perfumes....u name it, i've probably got it. what kills me is, i don't stop buying. UGH!! anyways, so yesterday, i rediscovered a perfume that i have maybe 2 or 3 back-ups of but never even finished the first bottle...this is the GUCCI II.

it's such a light, flowery smell and its actually quite perfect for summer. not sure why i never pulled this out. however, a con to this is that the bottle is so damn heavy!! i like to carry around the perfume i'm wearing in my purse and this is just too heavy....the cap alone can kill someone if you throw it hard enough. nonetheless, i'm determined to finish whatever i have left of this bottle. LOL. any perfumes you guys have rediscovered? or any recommendations? actually don't recommend...i already have a mini-walmart perfume counter in my drawer.

more coming in my next post....til then...

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