Friday, August 5, 2011

is it friday yet???

that is exactly what i kept repeating today...."is it friday yet?" "is it friday yet?" why do short weeks always feel so much longer than a regular week?? before i start getting into what i want to blog about....i would like to announce that, tonight...i finished an entire combo #1 from mcd's. i felt like such a fatass and wanted my mother to roll me out of mcds, literally. i haven't had a big mac in so long, i didn't know what to do with myself. HAHAHA!! *burp* that won't happen again for another few months. call me a fatass, but i thoroughly enjoyed it.....i know some of u probably threw up a little in your mouth. i don't blame u. haha.

I was trying to be all cool and take pics of myself on the drive home.....hahaha.

Toes of the Week?
I was bored I decided to redo my toes. I took out a few "summer" colors and away i went with trying to decide what color(s) to do my toes.

And then i ended up with this......china glaze's shocking pink neon and OPI's mod about you. you likes??

anyone who knows me, knows i have a really bad sweet gets so bad sometimes, i feel like im pregnant and craving. i shared my stupid craving a while ago with you guys all know how retarded i can get. recently, my AMAZING friend shaun went to new york city and i LOVE LOVE LOVE dylan's candy bar. who doesn't rite?? and he got me this.......

I KNOW RIGHT!??!?!! i'm hearing all the oooohs and ahhhhs. my coworker matt got me a chocolate bar from there once but i wanted their candy this time. so i told shaun to get me a candy box. LOL. apparently, he had to mission impossible it to get there and grab it for me. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! my friends all spoil me and i luv them for it.

My Solution to look EXTREMELY COOL, in this Hot Weather
well i can't exactly claim it was my idea....but i dont care it's mine regardless. a few weeks ago, my gf mel and i went to the club for my boy's bday (i blogged about it)...obviously the club's air ventilation system was a major fail & we pretty much melted into the floor. then, in walks this girl, and she's carrying a FAN!!! not like a regular battery operated fan, a "let me fan myself" fan.

i thought it was the hottest thing next to sliced bread!!!! so i went home and i dug up my manual fan....if you're chinese or asian, you WILL have one of these at home. if you don't, your parents will!! I used it for the first time today and i swear i was ballin outta control. LOL. you shoulda seen all the jealous faces on bay street. that's the heart of financial district in toronto, for those of you who may not know...almost like wall street. they can hate but they ain't got swag like me.....wahahaha. ok i'll stop with the cheese.

Most Amazing Volumizing Hair Product
i'm not sure if i've talked about this's the got2b powder'ful volumizing styling powder. i grabbed this on sale for $5.99 @ shoppers drug mart...not sure what it retails for regularly. i figured i'll try it for $6, and i couldn't have been happier that i did!! basically, anytime you feel your hair is lifeless and flat...sprinkle some of this on your palms, rub together and rub all over your roots. when you rub your hands together, this powder almost turns into a liquid-y form...its actually pretty awesome. you can get all kinds of volume with this baby. don't confuse this with dry shampoo though, it doesn't absorb any oils/grease. it simply lifts your hair off its roots. have you tried this? do you like it?

okay it's getting late and i swear, i need to go to bed earlier....gahhhhh.

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