Tuesday, August 16, 2011

lazy wknd + fashion haul

these days, my weekends usually consists of spending time with my bed and my friends. my bed comes first though. haha. sorry homies! LOL i can't believe how much i truly enjoy a nice movie or a simple Moxie-sized white peach bellini on the Moxies patio. i don't think i've ever laughed so hard over a few drinks.

friday was awesomeo because my shopping/movie/dining/shoot the shit partner shaun, took me to yorkdale because i said i wanted to look for shoes. i said it as if i really needed shoes...like a life or death situation. of course, he knew me better than that, but went regardless. did you guys know Marciano was one of my fav stores? no? well now you do! and NOOOOOOO Marciano and Guess aren't the same....Guess is for underaged, under developed girls. *jus sayin*

The Goodies

i have a slight addiction to scarves...i think it's the perfect accessory. i think my love for scarves started when i had ezcema on my neck and couldn't put my hair up without wearing a scarf to cover it. well my ezcema has long gone but my addiction to scarves stayed. so yes, i got a few scarves this weekend....so excited!! oh before i forget....BCBG was also having a sale soooo keep reading!

the mallory scarf
this scarf is more of a square shawl....it's huge and you can wear it many ways. it's 100% polyamide. you gota be careful w/it cuz it can get snagged real easily. this was regular price, $58. it is a staple piecer because i've just been wearing it with a black tank top and shorts. it adds so much more to your outfit.

the gypsy scarf
this is 100% silk and retailed for $68. it's a little steep for a scarf but it's all silk so i figured, why not! i think this will look amazing with a white shirt or beige/cream jacket. this isn't square shaped, but more a long rectangular shape (are there names for such descriptions? lol) i think this is a good piece for the fall...my mom wasn't too excited about the gypsy print, but for some reason, i was instantly drawn to it.

the roar scarf
of course, with a scarf like this, it has to have a name like "roar" for it. animal print seems to be the in thing this fall, so this is perfect. it would look awesome with a light colored shirt. again, it's 100% silk and it retailed for $68. i thought the yellow would be too yellow, but my mom said it wasnt and that it was perfect for fall.

i also bought my mom shoes....hahaha. well sandals. my mom loves the flip flops or sandals from marciano. they're always so sparkly and pretty. these are what i bought her...the Bee Sandal.

these were on sale and i believe they were $148 regularly, got marked down to $69.99 then 50% off of that, which basically came up to $39.50. my jaws dropped to my knees! i love finding deals!

BCBG Does a Girl Good
you can never go wrong with BCBG...my mom hauled a bunch of stuff off their sale rack and everything looked amazing on her. i wasn't going to look *side eye* but how could i resist. here we go!

this scarf caught my eye as it sat on the mannequin....i just loved the color, the little sparkly lining and how the weight of the scarf weighed down the look. i wanted it but i had to check the price first....as soon as i saw the price, i grabbed it and made it mine. originally, the scarf was $70 and i got it for a whole....$28!!

the famous zodiac shirts...the first time i saw these was a few years ago. the material of it is incredible...even though i wasn't excited about the length of the shirt (it's quite long) and would never pay $66 full price, i got this shirt for $32. it was the last Sagittarius so it was meant to be.

Last but not least....and my favorite purchase...

i have been eyeing these wedges for a long time...but didn't feel like paying $210 for them. they are super comfy and obviously, i luv the height on them. lol. so since they were on sale...plus tax it came to $126...i had to have!! i don't have enough wedges for the summer so i figure these were goin to be awesome and i'm sure i can wear them into the fall. u likes???

OOTD & FOTD for this weekend
here is what i looked like this weekend....

top: aritzia black tank top
skirt: abercrombie
scarf: marciano
bag: miu miu
shoes: (not seen) BCBG wedges

eye: vanilla pigment all over lid, soft brown in crease, french grey in outer corner
blush: coralista
lips: MAC's myth and costa chica on top

hope you enjoyed this long and random post. i just pretty much wanted to show you what i hauled this weekend. hahahaha. what did you like most? should i take that "gypsy" scarf back? lol not all my friends liked that scarf....but i can't get over how pretty it is!!

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