Wednesday, August 31, 2011

happily ever after...1314

disclaimer: i know u guys are probably wondering isn't it 143 not 1314. well in chinese there's a saying "for life" when referring to couples and the pronunciation sounds like the pronunciation of the numbers 1314. that is why we use 1314.

I must say….I love weddings! Even though you’re stressed and broke every time one of those enveloped invites are delivered to you…..I still have this undying love for them. It’s so amazing when you find one person that you will grow old with, share your happiest & saddest moments with….for the rest of your life. For parents, it’s even more phenomenonal….because after the 20-30 some odd years that you have spent preparing your child for the world, they have finally grown their own wings, to start their own family and essentially, to continue in your footsteps of carrying out family values, life morals and love unconditionally.

This past Saturday my high school girlfriend, Vicki wed her love of 2 years, Sunny. I can still remember the day she told me she was engaged, as if it was yesterday. I offered to help her wedding plan so it would take some stress off of her and assured she’d have me around to lean on when things got real hectic. Now a year later, the day has finally arrived. Watching her walk down the aisle, citing her vows to her numerous wardrobe changes…I am ecstatic for her to begin this new chapter in her life with someone she truly loves. Also, I get the perks to go see her at her place now and have her cook for me….she’s got a WHOLE kitchen to herself now!! LOL

That aside….I know you guys are all dying to see what I wore to the wedding. So let me break it down for you…..shall we proceed?

Wardrobe Selections
The wedding ceremony was held at the same hall as the reception, so I initially wasn’t going to do a wardrobe change. However, the dress that I selected for the reception, is a little too much for the day time. Hence, I settled with a simple yet elegant, black dress for the ceremony. I didn’t do an actual LOTD photo but here’s a pic with the bride, to show you what I wore. Hahaha. Yes, that was a fail on my part....

Dress: Marciano (very old)

Here are the shoes that I wore with the black dress. Again, these shoes were SUPPOSE to be for my night time dress, but I got another pair of shoes that I wanted to wear for the reception….go figure right? And the new ones actually “popped” better than these….but these are still my babies too. hahaha.

Shoes: Bakers (I believe they were on sale too when I got them….score!)

Now for the reception was the kicker – I wanted a dress that was elegant but sexy & classy. After a relentless search, I did not see anything I liked. Not ONE! How terrible was that? Considering the wedding was in August and I started looking in June – nothing caught my eye. The dresses I saw were all depressing or too much sequin that would make me look like a crystal ball on new years eve. Then the lightbulb went on inside my head – I’ll wear my birthday dress, since I’ve only worn it once and figure I can get my money’s worth. The dress was a beautiful light gray/purple, with a (as the website states) ultra daring hemline on a romantic, beautifully draped silk one-shoulder design dress, with a cascading sleeve and satin lining. The sleeve part was way too long on me, so i cinched it up with a brooch & pinned it up by my shoulders. Does that do anything for a mental picture image in your head? If not, here is a pic of the dress….

Dress: Marciano – Tori One Shoulder Dress

I loved the dress but the shoes were what made the dress….not to sound like a conceited beeotch but I know that everyone was starring at my shoes at the reception and I was OBVIOUSLY flaunting them off. Dang….i better get my money’s worth with these babies!! The color of the shoes is called “boysenberry” – it is a beautiful bright pink/magenta color on satin material and to finish it off, it has a beautiful ruffled strap that sits right where your ankles are. The most amazing thing about it – the ruffled strap can be converted to the front, so it sits right on top of the back of your foot….that way they’ll look like “mary janes” with a massive heel. What do you guys think? Is this not pure love? And guess where I got them? ….bebe!! I walked in on Friday at lunch, looking for something else but walked out with these babies….i can tell you, I’ve never been happier to find an awesome pair of shoes.

Shoes: Bebe – Naomi Ruffled Convertible Platform Pump

Eye Candy for your Pleasure
To finish off this post….I will post pics from the wedding and of me & my girl mel. She made the best date anyone could ever ask for. For those of you who have a gazillion and one weddings to go to for the remainder of this year or next year….take my advice, bring a girlfriend. Sometimes, they make better dates than guys….hahaha…as you may be able to tell via my pics. Enjoy!

hair transformation....that's rite.



  1. HOT reception heels!! I also love the way you did your makeup for the wedding and the way you style your hair makes me envious! lol

  2. Agreed Kelly.

    I love the boysenberry shoes!

    Now when can we talk about your hair?